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the gates were open for a royal celebration

It’s an honor to be trusted with the responsibility of your independence.


The Transit Bus Ride to Dr. Katz office in jackson

shannon says, “The transportation bus was suppose to be at Cindy’s house at 11. But was told to be ready and waiting for the bus by 10.  We waited and waited and at 11:30 the bus finally shows up.  We were almost to the McComb exit, which is about 30 minutes away, when the driver gets a phone call.  He was told that he forgot to pick up a couple for their appt.  He asked, “Do you mind if we go back to pick those people up?”  Cindy said, “Yes, I do mind.  My appointment is at 1.”  Looking at me, he said, “What did she say?” I looked at Cindy and she hollered, “NO!”  But not listening the driver turns around to meet another driver. At the same time, he is saying, “I promise we don’t have to go all the way to Natchez!”   Well Washington, is close enough to the original destination of pickup.  Now, it being 12 pm and Cindy’s appt is at 1.  The driver said I will have you there on time. No way, its 120 miles to Jackson where my appointment is at 1.  I call the dr. office and they said if we don’t hurry she will not be able to see the dr.  I told Cindy about the conversation.  We arrived at the dr. office right at 3. We hurried and found his office on the second floor.  He agreed to stay and to see Cindy even though she was a couple of hours late.  Which was out of our hands?  He had to leave for an important appointment for a deposition.

Will we were on the bus is was so noisy.  There was chains clanking in the back that holds down the wheelchair and the metal money container that you deposit your money in for the bus ride was shaking back and forth hitting the metal pole it was on.  The driver was steady getting phone calls and he was either chatting on the phone or looking at the papers where he is suppose to be dropping off the clients of the bus.  It made Cindy very nervous that she couldn’t take her nap that she planned on taking.

Finally after a long day we arrived back home at about 7:30 pm.  We were both warned out that all I wanted to do is go home and shower and take some medicine for the worst headache ever.”

cindy’s remembrance of the transit was pretty much the same as shannon with a few more details.

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2015 “Capturing Safety Through The Lens” 1st runner up in the video division from Lutcher High Schoo

we were finally called in to see the terribly handsome but brilliant dr. katz. patient room. his nurse assistant, johnna, took the letter i had written out, to him explaining things. i write things in advance so i remember details and it doesn’t take so much time to try to explain myself. i wrote:

hi dr. katz, what adventure i’ve had.

it began like this; i was having skins irritations on my left breast, have scars to prove it.  I went for a check up with my primary dr. on 3/31/15.  She took a culture from one of the dried up skin lesions and it was determined that I had MRSA and UTI infections.  UTI? I thought, How did they get that from one little culture.  I have not had one symptom of a UTI and Shannon and I have wondered about the lab results. my sweet and lovely dr. ordered Bactrim DS 800-160 Tab on 4/6/15.  Took one that evening around 3:00 pm, took a nap but an hour later, as i woke up, I was dizzy headed and shaking more than normal. i’m Ataxic from my head injury but this behavior was uncontrollable. after not being able to even type or point the mouse/arrow of the computer, I called my daughter to ask if I could be allergic to that medication, I told her what it was doing to me, but my speech was slurred even more than usual.  We went to the ER.  He also said I had a UTI and said, “You have been busy, we call this honeymoonitis,” laughin’.  We both know better than that, at least i do. if she knows anything, sex has to be in that party.

Because of the shoes I was wearing, I fell going into my bungalow. Amanda spotted a policewoman at the red light, flagged her down to help her get me up.  Every since I’ve had knee replacement, getting on my knees is not a part of any program i am involved with, so she is of no help.

On Wednesday morning about 4:30 am, I got out of bed to TT, my walker was facing to were I had to reach for it, it was dark so on the floor is where i was until my pca came at 9:00 am.  Praise God she has a key, 911 was called to help me up because i’m a 270 pound freak.

Took another Bactrim but felt ok but not wonderful.  After Shannon left, I went to my bed to take a nap,  you would have to see my bungalow bedroom, it’s small but perfect for me because I can hold on to the furniture without having to have room for my walker.  My dresser is right beside my bed so its a small space to walk.  The rolling walker was at the foot of my bed but instead of backing up to bed I got in that walk space and the walker kept rolling and I fell back, I was not thinking, not the meds.  but praise God my mom happened to come by and I was on the floor.  I couldn’t even turn over in that little space. 911’s assistance was appreciated again.  Still no UTI infection feelings.

Then, I had those floppy shoes on again,  I tripped in my kitchen trying to get in the wheelchair but I fell, scooted to the phone, called 911 for the 3rd time that day and Amanda and I figured I’d go to a different hospital this time.  BIG MISTAKE!  These were just careless accidents on my part, I think.

After some lab work was done, no more MRSA med was given, nothin’ for UTI but I was admitted Thursday morning, 4/9/15, I was admitted to  have a cat scan and it was determined, I had a UTI infection and my liver was enlarged. A male Dr. had the gaul to tell mom that “my pca was sneaking alcohol to her, she was lying and hiding it” and “she was an alcoholic.”  That idiot gave me a crap liquid to bring a liver down but would not release me unless I went to Adam’s County Nursing Center.  The director came up to the hospital to speak with us and said, I promise she did, “she would have to pay for a month but if she only stayed 2 weeks, she would be reimbursed.”  I just agreed to go so I could get out of the hospital.  No new medications were administered praise God, except for potassium, which if i had been taking the laxix like i was told to do, my primary doctor would have had me on potassium, but stupid is as stupid does, i had cut way, way back on laxix from two a day, as directed, to one every other day. she detest taking medication. oh God, please make me normal. what is normal though, by  whose standards?

When released on 4/14/15, Amanda was told, “there is no money to refund, that was never said, that money was pending.”  Could Dr.have been conspiring with that facility that robbed me of my freedom and messed up my independent living. I may need to make “One Call, That’s All.”  I get a lot better care at my little bungalow, now that’s screwed up.

Just another chapter for my book which Shannon was typing on my puter, she is such a wonderful Christian lady.  I still cannot get over being called a boozer.  Just to funny!

dr. katz, I need a second opinion on all of this junk, I love and trust you completely!

when i went into the nursing facilities, the independent living program through medicaid waver company that shannon works for was discontinued but by the Grace of God, i was signed back into the program at 9 am the morning of my appointment with dr, katz. Thank You Lord, i needed for shannon to go so much.

after he read this letter, he came into the room shannon and i were in. even though it had been three years since i saw him last and i was two hours late, he cheerfully greeted me with a hug and i introduced him to shannon. dr katz was so kind, sweet and professional when he spoke but after knowing him twenty-five years, i could feel his disgust anxiety towards me and i really couldn’t blame him.


i was pretty ticked off too. i had all the release papers from the hospital in a folder for him to look at but frustration overtook him, so after looking in the folder, he looked directly into my eyes and spoke in a, not wanting to be but calm voice, “it has been three years since you have been here, you come in with all these papers, i’m a doctor not a lawyer. what do you what me to do?

with a feeling of this great doctor’s adjetation with her, she wanted crawl in a time out corner and just plain cry but i returned with, “i want you to tell me what to do, i don’t know.” she was robbed of her freedom, one may say, “chained to the bed,” because an alarm was placed on it so i couldn’t get up without someone knowing.

dr. katz said, “how did you pay to get in the nursing home?” i answered, “my kid’s and mom paid.” with he incredibly quick thinking, he looked back into my chart and said, “but you are medicaid, it shouldn’t have cost anything. you can sign a release and i’ll read over all your records, it won’t cost you anything.” he had to run but another appointment was set up. i can only pray that this will be as planed. thank You Lord in advance, Amen.

shannon agreed, she did need to go to dr. katz with me. Thank You Lord!


A God Thing

On a sunshiny day, pretty and sweet Cindy called her daddy, Glen Wisner on the phone, he answered, in that slow drawn southern accent Glen has, “hhhyyyeeellleeerrr.” Cindy asked in her nonunderstandable voice, “rwasaitawraininarwhenaiarwasaborna?” Glen didn’t understand Cindy at all but she just laughed as he said, “come again darlin’” there was such sweetness and patience in Glen’s determination to understand as he said, “let’s try this one mo time, go slower though.” She took a breath, swallowed her spit and thought about every letter with, “w-a-s-a i-t-a r-a-i-n-i-n-a w-h-e-n-a i-a w-a-s-a b-o-r-n-a?” being used to her speech when she added the A on every word, Glen loudly shouted, “SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, that has been over forty years ago.” It may as well had been over forty times forty. The truth being told, Cindy isn’t a procrastinator, being over fifty and having to retype born again, well, who would ever imagine this happening. Mandy, her lovely sister-n-law, had put like one hundred fifty pages on a floppy disc, but Cindy, not thinking of time moving ahead, lost ten years of her typing with one finger, on the left hand of a right handed person.  As it turned out, that particular disk could not be retrieved because computers had advanced. Floppy disc aren’t even in a program in two thousand fourteen. Cindy being a sweet lady, folks would just appease her but their thoughts were, seriously, she’s completely left the map with craziness or that’s just her head injury speaking jibber-jabber.

Yes, she says folks, Jesus even said that word in The New Testament of our ONE AND ONLY, True and Holy Word of God, BIBLE. For over twenty four years she had been saying, “I’m writing a book.” She spoke those words so much, it got to the point, no one believed her, then she did not believe in herself but in the summer of two thousand fourteen, missionaries, Edwin, Amy Samson and their family came home from the Philippines, where they are doing exceptional work, spreading the word of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Actually they are missionaries from a nondenominational Church in California but they are Cindy’s family in Christ, so she says home, not only that but Amy’s family is from Natchez and Amy’s parents, Del and Renae Loy are Church Planters. They started the wonderful nondenominational Crosspoint Church of God that she attends. Edwin is an American/Caucation/Philippino, in New Orleans, Edwin’s nationality would be referred to as Creole but to Cindy, he’s her brother in Christ as well as her inspiration for continuing with BORN AGAIN. For someone as brilliant as her brother Edwin to have such faith in her ability to write, is truly awesome.  She can’t even describe the life, confidence, happiness, Edwin brought to her soul. It should be enough said when saying American because Edwin served in America’s military wearing the brave marine uniform. Thank you Edwin for your brave service. She prays that by writing this book, she can make Edwin one of proud hero’s for the service he’s done for America. May God Bless all of them!

The apostle Paul writes in Acts that it doesn’t do any good witnessing in your hometown but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ strongly suggest, if just one of my children is lost, Jesus will wait, rejoice, even have a party with music and dance, as when the prodical son returns home. If by writing this book can help just one of God’s children find their way to an eternal life, it’s worth it to Cindy, for one doesn’t need to have Satan present to have a good. As a matter of fact, she can vouch for this statement, it takes a lot more fight to do good than it does to do evil. Folks will say as she is making an exit, “be good.” She will jokingly say, “but I don’t wanna, it’s not fun.” She should be telling the truth by saying, “I don’t care what people think.” You should rethink that lovely’s because your name is the most important thing you have. You have the choice to make your name good or bad with the way one presents themselves. She’s not speaking of, say, who you married or the clothes you wear, attitude is everything and a loose tongue, Jesus speaks negative of baby. There are thirty one chapters in the book of Proverbs of our Holy Bible, the knowledge one can learn from this book is huge. Make reading a pleasure by picking out a month that has thirty one days in it and read a chapter a day. Aim to gain!

The most amazing thing happened. When you get down, no one seems to want anything to do with you.  Well, sitting at her beautiful home, actually it’s God’s home for she is just a pilgrim passing though she was thrilled to get an invitation card, in the mail, to a new church starting at Highland Health Club called CROSSPOINT. Not knowing what to expect, she thought, it so austere getting a ride anywhere, just maybe they will have a bus that she could ride or maybe this could be a scam on some kind to lure someone into evil, one never knows about this world we live in but when God in leading the way, one must follow, so she called the number on the card. She was just so lonely, hungry to belong somewhere, it just didn’t even matter where. When she called, the kindest, sweetest voice answered. It was like Heaven speaking to her. The angelic voice of Renae said, “Hello, this is Renae.” She had such a graceful voice and she knew her name because Renae has caller ID. Cindy was so eager for, what sounded like, a beautiful lady, to understand her, the excitement was terribly intense for Cindy. Those things she was taught at F Edward Hebert Rehabilitation kept running through her mind.  Insert speech therapy notes. Knowing how her words run together, she tried to sound intelligent by talking slow but loud and pronouncing each syllable correct, even slower than the southern draw she has, Cindy returned with, “Igotacardin themail aboutaChurch, doya’llhave abustogetpeople?” Renae answered, “No, but where do you live, I’ll come by and meet you.” She thought to herself, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, the angel understood her, Renae even understood her address. She told her, lovely but somewhat over protective mom, Mel, what she had done. Mom said, “Cindy, you live alone, you can’t do things like that honey, it’s not safe.” Mom and dad being a very well-known couple in the city of Natchez, Melba had to be here when Renae came over. It was a thrilling meeting because after talking, we knew a lot of the same folks.  That was on Saturday so plans were made for Dorothy Pearson to stop by Cindy’s house to get her for the first Sunday that there was to be Church in that building. She knew this had to be a God thing for Cindy’s heart is full of joy and good things happen when we obey our Lord.

i’ve never understood something, my x husband cheated, got her pregnant then divorced me. tar bud told my kids, it was because of my car. anywho, he got custody of our kids cause I was unable to take care of them. I obtained a brain injury from the wreck. a court in Louisiana declared that he should pay me alimony but because I would loose SSI, he didn’t have to pay anything in over 20 years. HOW IS THAT FAIR?

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