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My Prayer To God For His Children , Living In A Lost World.

God The Father Please Guide Your Children On Earth , From All Nations To The Greatest In Heaven , So Many Blaspheme You And Your Son Jesus Christ , Jesus Please Forgive Them As You Have Forgiven Us , So Many Deny You And Teach A False Doctrine Against You , Time Is Short , Your Children Are Trying To Reach As Many As Possible , But The World And Satan Have A Tight Hold On So Many , And Those Who Believe In You God But Deny Your Son , Please Forgive Them , Show Them The Light Through Jesus Christ As You Have Been Doing Since Your Creation Began , It Hurts My Mind To Try To Figure Out Why So Many Doubt When They Cannot Even Explain The Miracles Of Jesus Christ , So Many So Blind , To See The Messiah , Your Son God , That You Have Sent For All Of Us , Has Saved Us From Our Selves , Thank You For Your Great Wisdom In Seeing What The Generations Would Go Through , And Knowing Your One And Only Son Would Be The Only WAY , For us All To Make It To Eternal Life With You , Your Love Is So Powerful , The Love That Guides Us Through All Of Our Daily Lives , Thank You Jesus For Being So Loving For All Of Us Sinners , And For Forgiving Us All , We Can See How Important We Truly Are To You , We Love You Jesus With All That We Are. AMEN















(Official video from the creator.) Watch the High Definition version here in full 1080p: http://youtu.be/ZKsN-AeqJP0 Visuals set to the audio…
 Cindy Wisner
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