You need to get the full picture of this “swap”. We lost again and Obama looks even weaker as well as the US. I welcome our people home but, I fear for our future.

Today the four Americans who have been unjustly held in in Iran are finally returning home and we welcome them with open arms. They and their families have been through unspeakable pain and suffering and their freedom brings relief to not only them, but the entire country.

But in our elation over their safe return we must be careful not to forget the dangerous circumstances of their release. President Obama has appeased Iran’s terror-sponsoring ayatollahs, this time with a ‘prisoner’ swap to secure the overdue release of four innocent American hostages in return for which Iran gets seven lawfully convicted terrorists and criminals, fourteen terrorism prosecutions halted, $100 billion in sanctions relief, and an industrial-scale nuclear program—and Iran gets to keep Americans Siamak Namazi and Robert Levinson to extract future concessions. While we exult in the return of American hostages, one must also wonder how many more Americans will be taken hostage in the future as a result of President Obama’s shameful decision to negotiate with these terrorists.

Umm…first not injuring the American sailors when they could have. Now this release of these American prisoners…This is very strange. Iran is up to something.

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Toni Gonnillini Rodrigue

Toni Gonnillini Rodrigue It’s all about the money!

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Melvin L. Jones

Melvin L. Jones They want their BILLIONS!!!

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Sandy Martin Layton

Sandy Martin Layton Yes that’s right..and today was supposed to be the day for that or soon anyway. But odummer was going to make that happen with or without their release…I smell a rat..

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Sandy Martin Layton

Sandy Martin Layton I’m so jaded…I don’t believe in anything anymore. Hellary and odummer have taken care of that. How in the world is anybody supposed to trust these buffoons..The whole government has gone to the dogs.

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American Warrior RevolutionLike Page

“As many know, the search for the 12 Marines was called off. Our hearts are heavy today – and our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family and fellow ‪#‎Marines‬.”

God Bless ~CR


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