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Happy 20th Anniversary to the American Queen had a blast today seeing this Awesome Paddle Wheeler got to see the Entire Boat Susan Elliott The Captain and all along with City Of Natchez Aldermen and Mayor. A Great Experience and Redneck Adventures and Missloutours is excited about offering great outings for your travelers!!!!!

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Jimmy Allgood

On Hot Summer Days around July 4 Imagine Flipps off A Rope Swing hung from a beaut of Cypress Tree Folks Skiing Tube’n PonToon’n Wake Board in Bass Catching Green monster lite fishing at Nite Bow Fishing at Nite Shotgun Redneck Clay shoots off the Pon Toon Dies this interest you and yours we got it all yall!!! Come down south and get an all inclusive where we will even have your kids riding tubes with u and your kids playing Redneck Tubing Wars!!!! Come git u sum!!! To get hooked up shoot me a text or give me a shout at 601 597 6658 also shoot me email for all types of outings Hunting Fishing Shooting Water SPORTS and all inclusive with lodges Lakes and even Food!!!!! Holla!!!!!

Jimmy and stork show some some wounded vets the time of their lives in this epic five-part Alaskan… //// (5) Cindy Wisner// // // // //

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My friend Rod sent this to me this morning and I laughed a long time…nothing against Alabama…I love the state. Went to school there 4 years and have a dear friend there…

Bubba Bailey of Alabama wrote the following letter to the local Welfare Office.

Dear Welfare Benefits Office Manager :

My name is Bubba Bailey and I live in Alabama and I would like to present before you the following story.

Many years ago, I married a widow out of love who had an 18-year-old daughter. After the wedding, my father, a widower, came to visit a number of times, and he fell in love with my step-daughter. My father eventually married her without my authorization. As a result, my step-daughter legally became my step-mother and my father my son-in-law. My father’s wife (also my step-daughter) and my step-mother, gave birth to a son who is my grandchild because I am the husband of my step-daughter’s mother. This boy is also my brother, as the son of my father. As you can see, my wife became a grandmother, because she is the mother of my father’s wife. Therefore, it appears that I am also my wife’s grandchild.

A short time after these events, my wife gave birth to a son, who became my father’s brother-in-law, the step-son of my father’s wife, and my uncle. My son is also my step-mother’s brother, and through my step-mother, my wife has become a grandmother and I have become my own grandfather.

In light of the above mentioned, I would like to know the following: Does my son, who is also my uncle, my father’s son-in-law, and my step-mother’s brother fulfill the requirements for receiving childcare benefits.

Sincerely yours,


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NATCHEZ — Natchez native Jimmy Allgood was born and raised in the Miss-Lou outdoors. And now, he is…

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'Feminine hygiene products used for survival? @[588195667888918:274:Creek Stewart] is showing us how.'
Survival Tampons

Feminine hygiene products used for survival? Creek Stewart is showing us how.

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Johnson’s bayou La our Nieces Nephews and famil says the land of milk & honey we luv every year hangin with the family and bringing new kids and friends to enjoy this awesome place where else can u catch crawfish n the ditches crabs out front Monstor gar n the backyard and and ocean view now I know why waterboy was such a hit down here and everywhere luv it down here Dunc dressed himself today for the Redneck Adventures family outing for Monstor alligator gar

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Are You a Redneck? Learn the True Meaning of the Word so U may Know.

The Word Redneck is honorable when you learn its origin in our history. Who were the first Rednecks? In the 1600’s the men of England Ireland and Scotland were reaching their threshold of disgust with sinful tyrannical government led by a Vatican. As this commandment breaking monarchy tightened the noose around their necks, these brave peasants longed for the freedom Christ had given them – to be sovereign kings of their lives and household.

These God – fearing men from the hills understood the evil was beyond their human ability to fight, so they cried out to the Almighty and together created a National Covenant, declaring that the laws of God, not man, should rule their lives, They signed their names in their own blood and wrapped red strips of cloth – like the American banner – around their necks. These men were the original Rednecks – and they were victorious because the Almighty fought for them.

These Redneck Freedom fighters and their families migrated to America. Today they are remembered as the Billy Boys, the Hillbillies and the Covenanters. They formed the Southern Bible Belt and brought their blue grass music with them.

Think about where your family came from…. are you a Redneck?

A Redneck freedom fighter knows it’s time to petition the Almighty to fight for us, so we can establish his commandments once again.


Jimmy Allgood shared a photo to Leslie Floyd‘s Timeline.

2 hrs ·

Two Legends Yes Sir we Are!!!! lol, Redneck Adventures Redneck Red Rooter Overlooks us and Challenges us Daily to Continue the Hunt for BoarZilla of the Natchez Trace and other Lurking Alusive Creatures in the Backwaters and Woods surrounding this Great Miss Lou cause we Know there are some out there, Matter of Fact one time last Summer with Leslie and his Grandsons on the Pontoon with us we Saw a Yetti in the Backwater Swamps lowlands it turned out to be an Ole Coleman though after further In Speck Tion!!!!! Lol 2 Times!!!! Great Times as Always and more Good Stuff to Come as Leslie and JimBob always Say “It’s Allgood at BB’s”!!!!

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Redneck Adventures

2 hrs ·

Leslie holds the Magazine Legends where Rory came to capture Pics for an upcoming article featuring Redneck Adventures Miss Lou Tours in the Backwaters on the Pontoon and on the Speedboat up and down the Mighty Mississippi River. As you see in the Background Redneck Red Rooter is on the Wall we had a blast with soldiers on a retreat filming and in search of BoarZilla of the Natchez Trace. We saw lots of sign but only had a few close encounters with BoarZilla one night by the Fire as we cooked fish over the open Fire and the Blood Moon shined in the Backdrop, but as we were told BoarZilla and some type of Yetti an animal that runs on 4’s and stands up on 2’s with a Shaggy Hair like Look is out there! So BoarZilla mite have a Friend of Boggy Creek,Yetti,or Squatch out there! So be on the Lookout we R!!!!! film at 11!! surely you may have heard or maybe seen but just don’t call me Shirley!!!! We also have Victor looking for his Vector!!! Lol always a Great Redneck Adventure!!!!


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Redneck Adventures

guys and gals it was time for Me to Git my Do On, the 20th Anniversary Cut!!! One of my Favorite Places on the Planet to go for Guud cuts and Some Awesome Fun times as Always!!! U ain’t had a HairCut till U bin to REBEL Barber Shop!!!! Bin Doin it the 10 Dollar Way for more than a Day!!!!

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Jimmy Allgood

The Amazing Sunset here in Natchez Ms we would love for you to come celebrate her 300th Birthday with us at Redneck Adventures Miss Lou Tours so many Great Outings check us out at and shoot us an email at or give us a shout at 601 597 6658. WE have a Great Outing,Retreat,Corp TEAM Builder and so much more waiting for you and yours!!!!!

Natchez Friends:) We would like to issue a Challenge for All to Step up!! This EVENT will allow Soldiers,Special Needs,Kids to Adults needing a Little Extra Help getting outdoors. These Last 2 Weekends of Feb. will be Special for So Many in So Many Ways. When I say it is life Changing unless you have been there with Kids,Special Needs,Soldiers of that Father Son Combo and the Son or Daughter getting that First Bushy Tail you may not know what I am speaking of!!! The Banquets,The Hunts,The Cookoff,The Food,Fun,Fellowship and Entertainment help Showcase why and What we have to offer here in our Great Town of Natchez Ms. We have kinda been thrown a Curve Ball in that Hunting Lands that for 15 Years have been closed those inside 61. I agree with Deer Season to a Certain Degree but Squirrels,Hogs,Rabbits, well I will get off that Soap Box. If you Have Hunting Club lands,leases or own Private lands we would like for you to step up and get involved. We have been doing these events for the Past 15 years and many have been great!!! But if you can Help we need you!!! YOU can also get involved in the Cookoff or Both Weekends Cookoffs we will have CASH,Prizes and More and this also gets your TEAM Tickets to Awesome Banquets on Fridays of Feb. 19 and 26 at the Natchez Community Center.

WE are all about Great Causes and as many of you know we support many and most in various ways. So Businesses,Individuals,Civic Groups, and More you can help Change a Life and Maybe even yours by getting involved. My Email is My Cell is 601 597 6658 please text or give me a call!!!

Here is the Opportunity for you to get Hook’d up with Redneck Adventures Miss Lou Tours and Home with Heroes!!!!


Jimmy Allgood “Jimbob”

Redneck Adventures's photo.
Redneck Adventures's photo.

Redneck Adventures added 2 new photos.

Here are Both of the Posters for the Big Event!! Get a Team and Come Enjoy!!

5 hrs ·

Here is a Sampling from Great Events from Years Past and This is What we are all About folks!!!!! Great Events for 2016 Coming up and so Excited about All for All!!!

Howdy Friends! This photo slideshow encompasses just a little of what we at Redneck Adventures are all about,

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