Had such a special day with my husband, 3 of our children & my mom!! We missed you so much Stephanie Sturdivant!!!! Russell Wagoner married us 5 years ago & today he drove to Mobile to baptized us! Keith excepted Christ into his heart years ago but was never baptized. I was baptized years ago but more for my parents. Today was for me. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!

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Tony Moore

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Today at the end of the Church Service I was baptized at Calvary Baptist Church on Smithdale Road in Smithdale, Ms. My Preacher Brother Bruce Crosby baptized me. BUT GUESS WHAT??

Someone forgot to turn the heater on for the water, Brother Crosby felt it thru his hip boots, looked at me and said this is very cold. I said “Let’s get her done, nothing gets in the way”.

YOU talk about “COLD”, lost my breath.

I now belong to my savior the Lord.

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This tough guy baptized his first kiddo tonight! I have a feeling it won’t be his last. Way to go Josh Quayhagen and Congrats Kharma! ‪#‎fromthecagetothebaptistry‬ ‪#‎besthashtagever‬

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Jackie Bourque's photo.
Jackie Bourque's photo.
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Janice Lopez Little

Janice Lopez Little I am still a hot mess.. i can’t believe what a perfect night this was for our family. I love my church. I love Tony Bourque. He’s the reason all of this is possible for us. His vision and dream has come true for our city because of his love and faithfSee More

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Daryl Arsement

Daryl Arsement I sure wish I could’ve made this

Janice Lopez Little

Janice Lopez Little I’ll send you the video. I love y’all!

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Cindy Wisner
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Brenda Bonnette Oquain

Brenda Bonnette Oquain God bless Kharma ! Way to go ….

Erin Walters

Erin Walters That’s so awesome josh!!!


Jeff Crothers

Jeff Crothers That’s awesome Josh Quayhagen what a great privilege!

Kelli Tidwell Stawecki

Kelli Tidwell Stawecki Sweetest thing ever Josh Quayhagen. So proud of you Kharma!

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Juan Galvan

Juan Galvan Congratulations Josh!

Morgan Saige German

Morgan Saige German 🏼🏼🏼🏼

Janice Lopez Little

Janice Lopez Little I’ll never be able to thank Josh Quayhagen enough for what he did for my girl tonight. She loves and respects him so much.

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Blake Crosby

Blake Crosby That’s awesome man .. Congrats to the both of you

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker Awesome job Josh Quayhagen!! So sweet!! So happy for you Kharma!!

Sandi Butler

Sandi Butler I will ALWAYS CALL WE MY HOME. NO MATTER WHERE I LIVE……This church is more than a CHURCH…..truly feel GOD THERE… judgment of others JUST LOVE…..

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Johnette JJ Quayhagen

Johnette JJ Quayhagen 2016 better look out cause God is on a rise shining through so many. So proud of you Kharma you are such an amazing young lady and I am so blessed that Lonnie has such an amazing best friend. Then to watch my brothers faith grow as well absolutely feels my heart. So proud of all of you.

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Candice Medina Skinner
Candice Medina Skinner That is amazing!!! God is so good!!'s photo.
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Almost 100 years old…baptized in Jesus Name! Can I get an AMEN?
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