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Trinity Saints

Jordan Waller’s Letter for The Natchez Democrat’s Top of the Morning!

Welcome Home
By Jordan Waller
As a senior, I’ve become accustomed to the ordinary structure of a high school; the teachers’ devotion, the social groups among students, the importance of academics, the love of sports, and the eager cheering of the parents. When I came to Trinity, I had high hopes for a warm welcome, an exciting class, and a superb final year in school. What I received exceeded even these simple expectations: My classmates took me in as if I’d been a part of the class since Kindergarten, my teachers delighted in my participation in class, and the students in the hallways quickly introduced themselves. Before I knew it, I became an active part of the Trinity Family.
One of the most astonishing qualities of the school to me is the students. Their genuine concern for one another and highly diverse personalities give the school its energy and positive vibe. The diversity allows students to be different, and these differences are celebrated. For some students, their differences compliment one another rather than cause conflict. The attendance at games is surprising considering the normal attendance rate for basketball games. I am a member of the Lady Saints Basketball Team, and my favorite part of any game is the fans. The student section at home games is always lively and fun for both the girls’ and boys’ games. Everyone participates, from the smallest child with a fleurde lis painted on his face, to the parents cheering in the stands. Even the teachers have some fun and participate in the pep rally skits.
Academics at Trinity are placed above all things, and the teachers devote every moment of their time to their students. The teachers at Trinity want to see their students excel in school and life, as they prepare their students for college. They present us with intellectual challenges and see to it that we succeed in solving these problems. Many students are enrolled in AP courses like AP English or AP History. These classes are difficult, but help is always available. Coaches strive to keep their athletes actively engaged in their studies. There are students giving private tutoring lessons, and teachers willing to stay after school to help. As you explore the world one subject at a time, you are introduced to new opportunities as well. The teachers reach out to their students. No problem is too big or too small. Their passion for teaching is both inspiringand comforting. All students are welcomed.
Normally, when you come to a new school, you are the one trying to find your place within the school. Trinity finds a place for you, and welcomes you with open arms.To me, Trinity feels like an extended family with each member being a unique and essential part of what makes the family whole. It has helped to build a solid foundation for me to place my roots. The memories I have made at this school will stay with me as I venture into college. I came to Trinity hoping for a memorable last year, and what I found was a home.
Please join the Trinity family for Open House on Thursday, January 21. There are two opportunities to see the great things happening on the Trinity campus. The first session is during the school day from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. During this time, parents and students will be able to see the school during “working” hours. The evening event will be from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Visit and see why the Trinity family is the right choice for your family!

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