Cindy Wisner

in oregon and elsewhere obummer is successfully turning american’s against each other, if America would stop going against the COSTITUTION, things could work out. my dilemna isn’t as huge as the CONSTITUTIONAL STANDOFF OF OREGAN but it’s personal. i bought a lot in the historical district of natchez, 25+ yrs ago. i built my lit bungalow & fenced in about half of the lot. that’s what i wanted, not to have a path cut thro from 4th street.

There is a church on E Franklin that is backed up to my land. They didn’t have any place for parking so the pastor started filling in the revine on my lot, without my permision.

My dad passed away in 2011.
i went to my parents one day in 2008, I don’t know the exact date. I said, “Dad, That church is filling in the revine on my lot.” He said, (Not knowing that they could claim indeminte domaine of my property.) “Let them fill it in, they can’t do any thing but improve the land.” So I let it go on but the pastor finally came to see me and asked me if I owned this property and filled me in on what church/he was doing.

So out of the goodness of my heart, it being a church I was going to let them use it for free. As time went on, my PCA Betty Lou and I went to church with a document I had typed up allowing the church permission to use my land as parking lot only, no buildings permitted. But it was not certified, I just gave it to the pastor for signature. Signed by both parties.

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It was so funny, i was the only white person in totally black church but I was praising God anyway because we are all the same in His eyes.

I was chatting with a lawyer friend of mine and he said, “You know after 10 years, (I think) that land can be taken away by indiment domaine.” I was like “NO” So I’ve been wondering but i didn’t want to take away from the church then I started hearing a dump truck unloading on my land again. So i called the pastor, and said “Can I speak to Bro. Josh”, Mrs. Betty said, “Bro. Josh. she handed him the phone. I started, “What are they dumping on my land.” He said, “I can’t understand you.” So i handed the phone to Shannon. Shannon repeated what I said. Josh repied, “The city asked me if they could dump after they finished working, like left over gravel, dirt or crushed concrete, and I said, Yes.” He told Shannon that last year the owners of another property had their land surveyed and it butted over Cindy’s property line that there was flags up. So Cindy told them to tell the city to stop dumping on her land. But Shannon called the city for her and they said, they couldn’t dump on private property and that they wouldn’t even ask permision from the land owners.” So Cindy told the pastor since he had lied to her, “Stop using my land.” Shannon asked me, “Did he just hang up on you.” I said, “Yes, Can you believe a pastor lied to me.”

8 hrs · Natchez ·

I was talking to someone and they said, “You need to go see what they are doing on your land, what you got is a bunch of squaters on your land.” So, he said, “You need talk to Bill McGeehee he is a land lawyer. They are trying to take your land away from you.” I figured, not only did the pastor lie to me but he is trying to steal my land by that indiment domaine. That doesn’t seem fair. What do I need to keep from losing my land. Lots can’t be divided for sale. But I don’t see how its fair that someone can take your land for free. But you can’t sell it. Help!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the Bundy Ranch delimna, President Obozzo declared that all land was government i think. But, it don’t seem fair, I paid for it I don’t have to share it. You reckon’


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