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I thank you all for your prayers, love and concern. As most of you know Sydney had major back surgery last Tuesday. We got her home late Thursday and she is doing well. We decided that since the kids were going to be on spring break this week that I could go on home. I was getting ready and somehow slipped and fell..hard!!! I knew immediately that my arm was broken. I have never felt that much pain!!! Even labor! !!! Turned out my shoulder was also dislocated. Somehow Bill got me up onto bed…I was a wreck…screaming. …just unreal. Made it to hospital in Mendenhall. ..did xrays…and finally gave me pain medication. Put me in ambulance and headed to Jackson. The Dr at the er at River Oaks put shoulder back in place. Saw orthopedic dr, Dr. Hoseman this morning. Will have surgery early first thing Thursday …be in hospital 1 maybe 2 nights….physical therapy. ..long recovery period…3-4) month. I am so very thankful for all your love, prayers and concern. I know God will use this experience. ..not sure how but His word tells us to rejoice always and that is what I aim to do! ! Love you

This was my sweet daddy… except he went to the nursing home and took mama a shake every afternoon, unless he was sick, for 7 years! And he never gave up hope there would be a cure… he prayed for it every night! Oh how I miss them both…

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