I’m going to repeat this one more time. I’m a live and let live kinda guy, you don’t interfere in my life and I won’t interfere in yours. If you treat me respectfully, I treat you the same. I don’t care what color you are, I don’t care what or who you worship, I don’t care what you eat, drink, smoke or hump but if you bring something I don’t condone into my back yard don’t be surprised if I ask that you take it elsewhere and if you refuse I may assist you in doing so.

Am I wrong in viewing that as my right?

 Paul Brown He’s right, Trump favors eminent domain and not just for public use. He thinks property should be able to be confiscated for private use also like golf courses. If you think it’s fair then ask someone who was forced to give up family property or a home after they had owned it for years. Nothing fair about that

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My Adams County friends, YOUR state senator is poised to vote in favor of SB2921 which is the vehicle to increase your gas taxes and car tag fees to offset an elimination of the corporate franchise tax. This takes the tax burden off large corps and places it squarely on the shoulders of small businesses and individuals. I urge you to contact Senator Dearing to urge he NOT vote for this bill even though you already knew he never met a tax increase he didn’t like. If you don’t speak, they don’t hear you.

I have contacted our representative Sam Mims and he promises to oppose this tax increase, please call him and thank him for his opposition. Call 601-359-3770, the Capitol switchboard, and let your representative know you oppose this tax.

Is it really too much to expect by wanting the candidate you back to rank the constitution first and foremost in his platform? Is it far fetched to demand that those elected uphold the sacred oath they take in order to enter office? Am I unreasonable for questioning why anyone would support either to elect or reelect the offender? Perhaps our principles differ.

The GOP elite is facing a major dilemma. Do they outright steal a primary as they have done in the very recent past or do they come hat in hand to coalesce behind one of the 2 viable choices set to the forefront by the people?

Choice number one means they retain power, their ability to ramrod back room deals and keep those federal dollars flowing in that closed circle. The downside is unlike in 2014, with the bid to unseat a very liberal long time US senator, the media is not ignoring their corrupt tactics while sadly being allied with the Democrats of Mississippi and beyond. While the RNC is almost openly advertising their plans, the media is covering it play by play.

All included are bound to be aware of the fact that this path will only continue and fuel the revolt of 2014 but this time on a much larger scale. At best they risk a conservative shift in power. Scenario number 2 means total collapse and demise of the GOP with the rise of a 3rd party. The final alternative is pleasant for none, it could be the catalyst that triggers a widespread physical revolution due to the fact it will be the final act of betrayal against the working class conservative base. The very base who has stood by watching as their future as well as their children’s have been compromised away in multitudes of backroom deals. Then they reach out to the masses to tell us we just don’t understand what is best for us, we need to just sit down, shut up and do as they say.

Choice number 2 is where it really gets interesting. This is where you find out if they truly can stomach returning our government to its constitutional boundaries. It will be where you find out if their love of money and power outweighs their love for this nation.

Like Reagan so powerfully proclaimed, it’s a time for choosing. Not just for them but also for us, I pray that all chose wisely because we have reached that precipice where we can I’ll afford another bad choice based on emotion rather than logic.

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Stephen Coleman

Stephen Coleman I think they side with Trump, and have been, because like Carter said he “is more malleable”. The Establishment have been more and more behind Trump.

Paul Brown

Paul Brown This is definitely going to be an interesting cycle. I don’t know whether to prepare for business investments or buy more ammo.

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Ryan Gist replied · 1 Reply
Buck Harper

Buck Harper Buy honey, water treatment pills, anti-biotic herbs…. And Ammo

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Richard Boyte

Richard Boyte Y’all try for a peaceful solution! I’ll cover you from over here!

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Cindy Wisner

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