[PART ONE] Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, warns God’s Children that secular-minded individuals will hate and detest them. But be ye reminded, they hated Jesus when He roamed the Earth, preaching God’s Word. If God’s Children abided in the secular, then worldly people would love and accept them. However, for those who heed God’s Calling, who diligently seek to please God, God has set them apart from worldly people–they heard His Voice and responded; thus, He has set them apart and has APPOINTED GREAT and MIGHTY things for them that they know not. In essence, we do not belong to the world–when we choose God, over the world. Moreover, Jesus explains: “No servant is greater than his master.” This, if they treated Jesus cruelly, what more could you, God’s servant, expect from these secular-minded people. Since these people persecuted Jesus, they will persecute us, God’s Children. We are no greater than Jesus–we must endure pain and hardship, also. If the people during Jesus’ time obeyed His Teachings, then the people who are called by the Name of The Lord, in modern society, shall obey the teachings of God’s Children in the modern age and time. Jesus warns us that we will face hardship because certain people detest the Name of Jesus–these people lack a love, a reverence, a knowledge, and an understanding of Father God. Since Jesus came to Earth and died for our sins, we are held accountable for our sins, our actions, for Jesus has told us right from wrong–He has laid before us life and death: He has shown us the path to righteousness, to salvation. Thus, we have no excuse for our sins

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