10/18/2016, <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/thomas.mick/posts/10210560091749346?_fb_noscript=1″ />(6) Thomas Mick – Soon our communications will be cut completely, it…

Soon our communications will be cut completely, it is the last thing to go prior to an assault. Our whole republic is going to go quiet as the traitors and their proxy forces begin action against the American People. Those of you who are armed and prepared need to be where the oligarch’s forces are not until the time is right for you to attack them.

Low risk hit and run raids to gather supplies, observing everything around you and passing that information on to others, nothing is too trivial when it comes to the enemy’s movements or actions. Blinding the enemy by destroying his communication infrastructure… remember, the oligarchy relies heavily on electronic and space based communications… they have to transmit and receive.

The main target should be command and control in your local Area of Operation (AO). Get the damn enemy agents out of those positions by weakening them and taking advantage of windows of opportunity when they’re vulnerable. A small force can be a very annoying tick to the enemy… a lot of small forces is like an angry hornets nest; ask anyone that has survived one!

The more you act, the more people around you will grow a spine. When you discover people who inform the enemy of your movements or activities… quietly remove them from the equation; remember, you need the support of the People to function and gather intelligence; do NOTHING to incite their wrath towards you.

It will never be in your best interest to attack the civilian population with bombs or overt terrorist action… remember, the Militia consists of the People organized to defend the natural rights of the People. You only have moral justification to attack those that have or are harming the People and their natural rights.

When the enemy uses terrorist false flag tactics to turn the People against you, and they will… Find the guilty forces, if possible, and make a show of taking them out, show the People that you’re one of them and you’re fighting for them… arrogance and contempt for the “sheople” will not work to your favor once operations commence… lose your contempt and realize you need those people to awaken, not harden their ignorance by your arrogance.

Every eyeball you have gathering intelligence for you, every medic that can treat your wounded, every man or woman that can give you shelter and food when you’re weary, is an asset in your arsenal as important as the ammunition in your weapons. Without the People, including those you consider sheople, you will find yourself isolated and alone in the face of an entrenched enemy. I’m not saying you trust everyone, only that you show respect to people so they will eventually show respect in return.

This applies to the average ignorant Joe out there, that up to the shooting war, didn’t have a clue or even want to know the truth. Once the bullets and missiles are flying, many of them will no longer have the luxury of ignorance to keep them happy… win them over and you will swell your ranks with many of them. EVERYONE wants to live and when they’re in the killing ground they will fight… make sure they’re fighting for you; if you can’t, then make sure they’re not fighting for the oligarchs. Muzzles turned against the People are being aimed by traitors and enemies of the People and must be dealt with as if they were wearing blue helmets.

Be merciless to the enemy’s infiltrators and spies unless you find you can misinform them to your advantage. Never consider them a reliable trustworthy asset and prepare to cancel them the moment they discovered they’re being used. Consider this, anyone who’s character will allow them to betray their People and aid people like Hillary, Obama, and the oligarchs in subjecting and terrorising them, can hardly be relied upon to then protect them when they’re discovered. Stop being deceived by their rhetoric and destroy them… destroying this enemy is the only path back to freedom for everyone.

One more thing… the oligarchs have devised methods to eavesdrop on your communications, both passively and overtly, through your communication devices with the cooperation of corporations that produce them. NEVER discuss intelligence, operational details, or anything else you don’t want the enemy to know in the presence of ANY electronic communication device. A return to pre-electronics communication will save many lives. Those of you fortunate enough to have electronics wizards in your ranks will be able to neutralize much of this technology but with advancement in the enemy’s capabilities, at least in the short-term, I would shun all such devices at every critical meeting.

There is one more very important thing about phones and computers… they’re like tracking devices as well as bugs. Just leaving your phones in the car will not protect you, since they will know exactly where that phone is and be able to target that area. Everywhere you go with your phone gives the enemy your present location… NEVER FORGET THAT. Taking the battery out of the phone MIGHT prevent that, but with capacitors, the phones can still be powered without you knowing it.

A general rule I would suggest is, always assume your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device is always on, just like you always assume a weapon is loaded when pointing it at others or yourself. There are containers that will block the signal you can store your device in but the moment you open that container assume the blip it produces on the enemy’s screens just popped up.

There is much more, such as the enemy’s satellite capability… at least in the short-term until China or Russia destroy it… IF what I’m seeing in the alternative media isn’t just propaganda. Always keep that in the back of your mind when organizing any meetings by those you have selected as your leaders. Getting the leadership to gather in one place is the wet dream of the enemy… don’t give them the opportunity. Remember the first scenes of the movie Braveheart…

Time is short… the increased censorship of Facebook is a clear signal we should not ignore. Get out of the urban centers if you can, they will be killing fields and very chaotic in the coming days and weeks… some will likely become targets of ICBM’s or bombs detonated by the oligarchs and blamed on the Russians or other outside forces. If you can’t leave, understand what you’re facing and prepare for it… make the enemy hurt any way you can.

Americans should make the oligarchy’s agents and proxy forces VERY uncomfortable everywhere they are… by Americans who have become “ghosts” that kill them, steals their shit, and blows up what they can’t steal at every opportunity.

May the Creator strengthen our arms for battle and give us the wisdom to liberate the oppressed.

©2016 by Thomas Mick, All Rights Reserved. Permission to distribute for non-commercial purposes is hereby granted, in whole or part, provided attribution and a link to this article is included. Commercial distribution without the written permission of the author is prohibited.

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Mick Beave
Mick Beave Good luck everyone. Long live the Republic!

Mick Beave's photo.
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Vicki Dyer
Vicki Dyer You’ve been tested by fire recently, it shows in your heart felt advice here. I’ve known and followed you for a while now, and I’ve noticed a change, a more personal commitment to safety and compassion for us. Thank you, Thomas.
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Char Selby replied · 2 Replies · 3 hrs
David Journeay
David Journeay Fully wrapping your phone in ten foil will block the gps
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David Journeay
David Journeay I worked for a company that used a GPS monitoring system to watch clients. I wanted to see how hard/easy it was to hide the signal. Wrapping it in ten foil worked perfectly.
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Reva Mapel Amundson
Reva Mapel Amundson http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/…/vp-biden…/…

US-Russian relations are at dangerous low-point as US Vice President Joe Biden threatened Russia with a cyber-attack in a televised interview on Friday, while Russian television warned citizens to prepare bomb shelters and check their gas masks.
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Charla Shamhart
Charla Shamhart Thomas Mick, THERE. You’ve SAID IT loud and clear for all who have ears to hear. THANK YOU for your willingness to play the part of PAUL REVERE. “The Red Coats are COMING ! The Blue Hats are COMING ! The Globalists are HERE ! AWAKE ! AWAKE ! TO ARMS ! TO ARMS !!”
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Steve Griffith
Steve Griffith Sage advice and info.
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Allison Fey
Allison Fey How much longer do you think we will have?

Allison Fey replied · 5 Replies · 1 hr

Cindy Wisner
 <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/groups/1050675961713656/?_fb_noscript=1″ />(12) Cindy Wisner
We have just received information that a certain Marine Corps INFANTRY BATTALION currently stationed at Camp LeJuene, North Carolina has been placed in an ALERT STATUS.  All leave has been cancelled for the unit, and all Marines have been ordered back to base immediately! Camp Lejeune Camp Lejeune i…
semperfinews.com|By Thomas Dillingham
My friend thinks that WWIII is starting in 7-8 days. He’s convincing many people on FB of this. I’m trying to tell them to stop overreacting and sure if they get Russia all upset then we could have a problem but quite honestly I have more respect for Putin myself right now anyway
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1 hr ·

Beverly Johnson's photo.

Beverly Johnson to BELIEVE IN GOD ! COME JOIN

19 hrs ·

Glory Hallelujah

I believe in a good sturdy rifle.
I believe in having LOTS of Ammo for all my weapons.
I believe in judicious shot placement.
I believe in being well trained and lots of practice.
I believe in my brothers to the left and right of me.
I believe in a properly stocked shelf and med kit.

Where I’m going with all this. I keep seeing these posts about “I believe in God and his protection”. If you don’t have any of the items I mentioned above, you do God a disservice. He is showing us what’s coming and he didn’t give you life so you could throw it away by being unprepared. So I ask you this.

What are you doing to get ready? This goes for you ladies too!



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