Guy Beebe

So, next up, is cooking.

You need pots, pans, utensils, fuel and a rig to keep the pots over the fire. Have a set of cast iron fry pans and stainless steel pots. None of the cheap, non-stick surface pans will work over an open fire. Not for long. Cast iron pans are virtually indestructible and cleaning is a breeze. Simply scrub any food remainders off with a wire brush, reheat over the fire, splash water inside (instant sterilization), and wipe with oil.

Then, you need either a metal grate to put your pans over the fire, or a tripod rig to hold a pot over the fire. You can buy either, but makeshift, field expedient versions work fine.

Finally, you should have various means of creating fire and various fuels to burn. Each has different advantages and disadvantages. Wood is plentiful and requires no special tools, however, it produces smoke, that is visible and can be smelled for miles. Lamp oil, kerosene, propane, LNG all produce smoke free fire, but will be limited in availability. So, pick one or more, and have enough on hand to get through that crucial first month, when casualty rates, and mobs are at their peak

In any situation where utilities and emergency services are ceased? Whether it be storm, civil disorder, or simply an attack that brings down the grid, the casualties start on day one, hour one. Minimize your exposure. DO NOT GO OUT! DO NOT BUG OUT! Not immediately.

Even living in a high rise apartment building, your best chance of survival is to avoid the first wave of desperate, hungry, cold people. The only thing that should drive you out is fire. Without any effect fire suppression, fires could and would rage out of control. Most inner cities and many highly developed suburban areas would be gutted, first by looting, then by fire.

Fine. So the plan, unless chased out by angry looters or fire is to bug in. Which means, fort up where you are at. You have all of your stuff, just that without electricity, most of it doesn’t work. You might have a refrigerator or freezer full of food, that will all go bad within days.

Pull out the grill, empty the refrigerator and freezer, and dry, smoke, or cook everything you have, while everyone else is doing the same. Because, within a week, the smell of smoke or food will bring down ravenous hordes on your position.

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