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I just got put into facebook jail for two weeks for posting this image to groups. This is why I need more people to step up and help because when just a few of us are posting and sharing damaging image messages like this the will shut us down. So who is going to step up and help by sharing this picture that they don’t want anyone to see?

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“It is hard to find a more inspiring story of a freedom fighter than William Tell the Swiss patriot who openly defied a tyrant and heroically used his skill as a marksman to save his son and ultimately kill the tyrant. Friedrich Schiller’s version of the story in his play Wilhelm Tell is particularly inspiring because it so powerfully shows how one individual patriot can effectively fight back against tyranny and win and in so doing inspire a popular uprising against tyrannical rule. First performed in 1804 the play is considered Schiller’s great masterpiece and is easily the most popular of all of Schiller’s plays. Schiller himself would most likely be pleased by the popularity since his play about William Tell probably best demonstrates Schiller’s own great passion for freedom and belief that people should be able live in a place where the government operates in the best interests of the people.” Read the entire play by Schiller now online at:…

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Jeff Edwards 11 days left . Not enough Rams and to many lambs

Ben Kennedy

Ben Kennedy Here is the Rebel Yell poem to go along with the plane: REBEL YELL!!!

Can you hear the Rebel Yell?
The timeless battle cry of freedom
Screamed by saints entering martyrdom,
As they stormed the gates of hell.

Can you hear it echo from long ago?
When oppressed peoples fought
For the freedom never cheaply bought,
Against the age old curse from below.

Why do some feel they are superior?
When we all travel the same road
And suffer from much the same load.
Could God create any that are inferior?

As long as man has existed,
The conflict has raged without cease.
Instead of living as brothers in peace,
The desire of a few to rule all has persisted.

Against this selfish blind ambition,
Men have fought behind the same sound
As they sought to reach the higher ground.
To create for one and all an equal nation.

When freedom reigns you hear it less.
But it never goes away altogether,
Because man is cursed by the nether
And the yell returns to counter any regress.

Tyrannical rulers fear and hate the sound
Calling the orators rebels and traitors
When it is they that are the haters,
Of freedom and liberty in great abound.

In America the yell once led the way,
For our great patriots of renown
From Bunker Hill to Yorktown.
As they won freedom in their own day.

Since then it has still oft been heard
As new patriots have risen to fight,
Despite the promise of words bright.
As tyrants twist the meaning of the word.

Can you hear the Rebel Yell?
Because it is growing once again.
As God cleanses our nation from sin.
You will hear the Rebel Yell!!!

11-18-06 By Ben D. Kennedy

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Jennifer Minnick Love it smile emoticon

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Delia Howell Love it…Deo Vindice my new friend

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