2 Million Bikers to DC

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Message from Kelli- Friends. Americans. Patriots. This must stop. Not only was Ryan Bundy put in Solitary confinement last night for either having an extra book or a pen (we dont have confirmation yet which) and today is his baby boys birthday, but Sandy and Sean Anderson’s mail is not being sent between the two of them and they have gone 3 weeks without any letters! They have both written MANY letters NONE of which are being delivered even though this is the ONLY way they are allowed to communicate. Add that to the abusive and aggressive treatment they all received after court (one Sheriff threatened a defendants mother’s life and also said to him, “This aint Harney county, THIS IS MY COUNTY AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!”….
The list of mistreatment of these men and flat out illegal activities by the jail and federal government is a SHOCK TO THE CONSCIENCE!
Don’t let these abuses go without a proper and constitutionally protected Protest of injustice in the justice system!
TUESDAY, 4/12, 9am, 1000 sw 3rd Ave Portland or. Bring your signs demanding JUSTICE be returned to the JUSTICE system!
—Anyone is welcome! This is not a rally, it’s a protest demanding Anna Brown follow the law and remove herself from this case for her actions. We want our Citizens to be granted their Stay in Oregon OR that the Oregon charges be dropped and they be sent to face Nevada, but NOT to have two simultaneous trials in two different states! We also want Ryan Bundy out Of solitary confinement and pre trial release granted to all of these innocent men!
Will you ‪#‎STAND‬ with me?

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Tue 9 AM in PDT · 1000 SW 3rd Ave Portland, OR 97204
74 people interested · 14 people going


March 13th, 2016

The Truth about While Privilege: Twice as Many Whites Than Blacks Live in Poverty in America

Posted by: Barry
Published on March 13th, 2016 @ 06:51:00 pm , using 626 words,


By Barry Secrest

The statistics on race and poverty in America are very easy to find, however, the actual numbers involved, are quite another thing, altogether.

In fact, as the Soros sponsored Socialist movement in America, which has been artificially spliced together with the Black Lives Matter movement, takes full fruition, the one thing to remember is the fact that the entire premise of their adjunct movement is fatally flawed in one very simple premise.

While the mainstream media loves to spout statistics, they rarely get involved with the actual numbers at play, hiding stealthily inside the percentages.

But, the simple fact that never sees the light of day hiding inside the demographics, is quite simple with regard to poverty in America.

The Truth

There are about 22 Million white Americans living in poverty in America, as opposed to about 10.6 Million black Americans.

That’s right, when put in another way, there are over twice as many whites as blacks, living under poverty conditions, here in the US.

Not Possible?

But, wait a minute, doesn’t the fact that there’s twice as many whites in the US living in poverty, than blacks, essentially derail the media’s entire social commentary?

Pretty much!

Moreover, it’s far more convenient to spout arbitrary percentages than real numbers representing real people.

Boiled down to its essence, this means that the folks who brought you “white Privilege” along with the offshoot of “Occupy Wallstreet” known as “Black Lives Matter,”  have never stopped to think about the fact that the vast number of folks they’re blaming for their plight, live under conditions even worse, than theirs.

A Premise Derailed

Below are the actual numbers…..

Total White Population: 223,553,265

Percentage of whites living in poverty: 9.9%

Total US Whites Living in poverty: 22 Million

Total Black Population: 38,929,319

Percentage of Blacks living in Poverty: 27.4%

Total US Blacks Living in Poverty: 10.6 Million

My oh my, so, the number of white Americans living in poverty’s confirmed as better than double that of blacks living in poverty, but then, how do the numbers compare when we mix in other races?

Total Hispanic population: 55 Million

Percentage of Hispanics living in Poverty: 26.6%

Total Hispanics Living in poverty: 14.6 Million

As we can see, here again, there are also far more whites living in poverty, in America, than Hispanics.

So, what about Asians?


Number of Asians Living in America: 17.64 Million

Number of Asians Living in Poverty in America: 2.2 Million

As shocking as it may seem, the number of whites Living in poverty in America actually outnumbers the entire population of Asian-Americans, living in America.

Now, that’s really hard to wrap one’s mind around, isn’t it? Yet, the very people who tend to never look at the hard numbers involved, are the same people who will rail against the seeing of a thing, but in an entirely different way.

This, most especially when it comes to the myth of white privilege and poverty.

No doubt, many will drop the race card, when trying to wrap their collectively pre-programmed minds around this article, however, it’s important to note that truth, when correcting a fact in absence, is not racism, it’s merely realism, a thing sorely missing in our divided America, of today.

Within all of these numbers, one major point keeps surfacing, and that’s the fact that  most people tend to look at the percentages without ever stopping to think about the fact that a percentage point represents a portion of a digit, which is wonderful flotsam for trying to establish a false narrative.

However, when actual numbers are used, being that 1 represents “one” actual person, rather than mere percentage points on some multi-colored, multi-cultural graph, that singular “one” takes on a whole new meaning, most especially when we attach a face to the number.

Read the many responses and or respond to this article

















2 Million Bikers to DC

Like This Page · January 19 ·

EXCELLENT ARTICLE! ~ I’m an Oregon rancher. Here’s what you don’t understand about the Bundy standoff. ~ The Obama administration has pushed our livelihood to the brink. By: Keith Nantz ~ Ranch manager at Dillon Land and Cattle in Maupin, Ore.

This week, the Ammon Bundy-led seizure of a federal wildlife refuge thrust Oregon’s ranchers into the spotlight. While I don’t agree with the occupiers’ tactics, I sympathize with their position. Being a rancher was always challenging. And it has become increasingly difficult under the Obama administration.

I grew up in a ranching community in northeast Oregon. Even as a kid, I knew I wanted to be a rancher. After eight years as a firefighter, I’d saved enough to start my own business. I wanted to work on the land, raising delicious, wholesome beef for our growing population.

For almost a decade, I’ve done just that. Most days, I’m up before the sun rises. I spend my mornings tending to my horses, dogs and livestock. In the winter, when it’s bitter cold, I’m outside with my cattle, making sure their water isn’t frozen and that they’re properly fed. In the summer, I often work 15-hour days, cultivating my crops and tending to the animals. In the afternoons, I’m in my office, reaching out to customers and handling the ranch’s business side. Over the course of a given day, I act as a vet, a mechanic, an agronomist and accountant.

I love the work, but it’s grueling. As a rancher, I’m always one bad year away from financial disaster. Every purchase I make — from new cows ($2,000 each) to a new piece of equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — is a major investment. And my ranch operates on very slim margins, so I have to be savvy to make ends meet.

Money isn’t the only challenge. Raising cattle requires a lot of land, much more than most ranchers can afford to own outright. I lease about a third of the space I use from private owners. But most ranchers aren’t so lucky. The federal government controls a huge amount of land in the west (more than 50 percent in some states, like Oregon), and many ranchers must lease that space to create a sustainable operation.

Utilizing federal land requires ranchers to follow an unfair, complicated and constantly evolving set of rules. For example, a federal government agency might decide that it wants to limit the number of days a rancher can graze their cattle to protect a certain endangered plant or animal species, or they might unilaterally decide that ranchers can’t use as much water as they need because of a fight over water rights. Or they might take over land that once belonged to the state or private individuals, imposing an entirely new set of restrictions.

I saw this play out firsthand when the federal government considered listing the sage grouse, a chicken-like bird, as endangered. That regulation would have shrunk the amount of land where ranchers could graze cattle, putting many out of business and decimating the industry. To avoid this, ranchers like myself and local officials spent months meeting with federal officials looking for compromise. We ultimately found middle ground. But we already have an enormous workload in our daily lives. The pressure of having to drop everything to lobby against a rule (which happens more often than you’d think) is a tremendous burden.

Most of the time, those regulations are written by people with no agriculture experience, and little understanding of what it takes to produce our nation’s food. The agencies that control these lands can add burdensome regulations at any time. Often, they will begin aggressively enforcing them before ranchers have a chance to adjust.

This forces us to either find new grazing land, reduce the size of our herd or sell out completely. In rural communities, this can have a catastrophic effect on the local economy and environment. Ranching is a billion-dollar industry in Oregon. Overall, agriculture accounts for 15 percent of the state’s economic activity and 12 percent of the state’s employment. The income of a local farm generates double the money for the local economy as a supermarket’s income in the same area, according to the London-based New Economics Foundation.

The siege on our industry has only increased under the Obama administration. Officials are effectively regulating us out of business by enforcing a string of unprecedented environmental restrictions. In Malhuer county (next to Harney county, where the current standoff is taking place), the Obama administration is considering a measure that will turn 2.5 million acres of federal land into a “national monument,” a move that would severely restrict grazing. These restrictions would cause a huge economic downturn for those communities.

These decisions are being made by people who are four to five generations removed from food production. The rule-makers don’t quite understand our industry, and are being spurred on by extreme environmentalist groups asking for unreasonable policy changes.

It’s not that I don’t care what the environmental community wants. In every part of my business, I try to find a balance between economics, mother nature and our culture. I know that if we don’t treat our land properly, we will go out of business by our own hands. It is of utmost importance for us to be true conservationists if we want to continue producing the most nutritious and safest protein in the world.

But all too often, I’m not given the autonomy to do so. I’m given rules, not a conversation about how ranchers and government officials and environmentalists might be able to work together. That’s an approach that fails everyone. — with LaVoy Jeanette Finicum, Carol Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Jeanette Finicum and Bundy Ranch.








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Phyllis Bickham

Phyllis Bickham Excellent article and to top it off those idiots in government don’t seem to realize that if farmers and ranchers are not producing 100% pure food items then the commercial industry starts making artificial foods that cause more and more diseases which…See More

Like · Reply · 34 · January 19 at 8:28am


2 Million Bikers to DC

2 Million Bikers to DC VERY TRUE ‼ They already voted that meats from other countries don’t have to be labeled!

Like · Reply · 7 · January 19 at 9:15am


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Stan Bates

Stan Bates And those New Yorkers Cruz was talking about love their expensive steak dinners. Yet they make these laws that harm people on the other side of the country.

Like · Reply · 17 · January 19 at 7:28am


2 Million Bikers to DC

2 Million Bikers to DC Exactly! Wait until they have NO CLUE what country those steaks came from since our OWN FED GOV is shutting down our Ranches and Farmers at a VERY FAST pace!

Like · Reply · 13 · January 19 at 7:34am


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Will Smith

Will Smith Awesome thanks for sharing

Like · Reply · 6 · January 19 at 6:46am


2 Million Bikers to DC

2 Million Bikers to DC We are trying to post all we can to educate those who think FEDS are the law!

Like · Reply · 10 · January 19 at 6:56am


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Deborah Susan Edwards

Deborah Susan Edwards Excellent read. As for the Bundy’s, if we don’t take a stand now to try and put a stop to government bullying, then when? When the government totally disarms us and we can no longer defend ourselves?

Like · Reply · 12 · January 19 at 7:13am


2 Replies

D Gunn Family

D Gunn Family This article is very educational for us non-ranchers. Thank-you for taking the time to explain and share. I’ll be passing it along.

Like · Reply · 5 · January 19 at 8:21am


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Cindy Wisner

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