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Plains Montana Rally Brings Patriots Together

The rally in Plains, MT this weekend drew over a hundred citizens from Arizona to Illinois. They came to hear the updates on the Political Prisoners, the Liberty Movement, and how they could be a part of the solutions.

The long list of speakers only enhanced the audience enthusiasm, despite the half-day program. Included were the family of Jake Ryan, though Jake did not make an appearance. Being ever mindful of the release orders from the Oregon courts, Jake could not participate as he risks his freedom if he associates with “Patriot” groups. Yes, the judge vilified the word “Patriot” in official court documents.

Among the varied speakers was Billy Hill. On September 21, 1985, Hill was attacked and injured by an endangered grizzly bear while hunting with a group of bowhunters from New York state. Using their bows and arrows, the hunters managed to kill the bear during the attack.