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The American Redoubt has been described as a ‘movement’, however, that is rather simplistic. The Redoubt is a Region, but it is also a state of mind. The American Redoubt is a stronghold. It is where you fortify your family. It is your Citadel, your Tower of Strength.Redoubt News is an online, Conservative News site for freedom-loving patriots. We are bringing the news to the American Redoubt. Powered by citizen journalism, we are countering the censored, left-leaning, mainstream media, and bringing truth to Patriots everywhere.

Redoubt News is expanding. Patriots from all over have jumped onboard with our Conservative vision and, as such, we have outgrown the original mission. Pockets of Redoubters are popping up all over the globe. This vision has taken on a life of it’s own.

We are broadening our reach to specific areas, and need patriots, like you, to join us. It is a team effort. Would you like to join our team? Are you a citizen journalist? Do you want to be a part of bringing the truth to the people of this country?

Some of our vision includes testimonials. How did you come to the Redoubt? What did you leave behind? How has it changed your life?

We would like to highlight different communities within the Redoubt. What is special about this town/area? What kind of job opportunities are available? How about the schools?

We plan to break down the sites into sections that cover each state. For this we would need a state coordinator. But, even more, we need contributors!

  • If you like to write, contact us.
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Our vision also includes a section for the “Family Redoubt”. Homesteading and providing for your family are a big part of the lifestyle in all parts of the American Redoubt. What does it mean to you?

Additionally, we are looking for sponsors. No one gets paid, currently. We all contribute freely for our passion in regaining our country, upholding the US Constitution, and maintaining the Redoubt life. However, there are costs involved with this lofty mission. Please consider a sponsorship to Redoubt News.

Join with like-minded Patriots and discuss the things that are important to you and your neighbors. We are God-loving Christian Patriots that desire nothing more than sharing the wonderful country where we grew up. Wherever you are, there is a place for you here.

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  LFA Condemns Persecution of Marine Corps Vet – Redoubt News

LFA Condemns Persecution of Marine Corps Vet

Marine Corps Veteran and LFA Brother Persecuted for his Views

Liberty For All takes great interest in, and closely monitors any situation in which the heavy hand of government threatens the individual liberties of any American.  However, today there is a threat just as real affecting one of our very own members.

lfaOur LFA brother, Eddie Krumpe is being persecuted by his employer, Skills Inc. of Tacoma  Wa.  over expressing grievance with our government and its mistreatment of political prisoners from the standoff at Malhuer Wildlife Refuge and specifically, the cold-blooded murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, an honored LFA brother.

At the heart of the matter was a t-shirt with a patriotic message as well as an impromptu memorial to Eddie’s personal friend, LaVoy Finicum.

In an interview, Mr. Krumpe stated that in the middle of his shift, he was pulled from the production floor at his place of employment and escorted to a meeting with the human resources director and CEO of thlfae company.  At that time, it was alleged that Mr. Krumpe’s co-workers had complained about the shirt pictured here:

After explaining the meaning of the phrase “Molon Labe” to the pair, Eddie was then questioned about the markings on his truck as well as the meaning behind the inverted American Flag flown from his vehicle.

According to 4 USC, Section 8, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.

We would ask:  what’s more of an extreme danger to life than innocent Americans gunned down by the very government that was instituted to protect them?

Mr. Krumpe went on to state:  “[The CEO] informed me that many other employees were very upset at me and that I was being disrespectful to the veterans on this Memorial Day weekend . I looked at him, puzzled because I am also a veteran and I asked him how so, due to the fact that I am also a veteran, [He] replied by telling me, “…that several employees have told him that they don’t feel safe coming to work with me because of the clothing that I wear and have been for over a year now.”

Mr. Krumpe said, “I was given an option of going home or taking down my flag and putting on another shirt.”

“[The CEO] tells me just to go home  and ordered me to clean up my truck.”

Eddie Krumpe, along with all others in the LFA organization, believe that airing our grievances and exercising our freedom of speech are the first step toward correcting the pattern of abuses perpetrated on Americans by those in positions of power.

Eddie and many other members of our organization made a trip to Arizona to meet LaVoy Finicum in person and to hear his story.  We regarded Mr. Finicum as we would our own family, and a brother-in-arms.

LaVoy Finicum, (L), pictured with Eddie Krumpe

  During a brief interview, Jeanette Finicum, widow of LaVoy had this to say, “Fellow Americans the “powers that be” are gathering together to squash those of us who are standing with a voice. LaVoy gave his life willingly for liberty. He stood up and is an example to us all, his sacrifice is inspiring others to do the same in their own sphere and in their own way. People are taking courage and standing for the return of our liberties. Please stand up and help Eddie Krumpe as his employer is trying to squash his voice, his right to express his feelings by threatening his employment. Let’s all stand together and be a voice for those who are beginning to be targeted. We can do this! Stand with faith, Stand with Courage, We the People can do this!”

LFA stands with our brother, Eddie Krumpe, as we would with any American, in his hour of need, as he expresses his heartfelt sympathies regarding the murder of LaVoy Finicum and the perilous state of our nation.

We observe with increasing concern the conditions which have led to the potential economic martyrdom of a Marine Corps veteran, a good man, and friend to all who know him.


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Terry Shepard

13 hrs ·

THE LEGEND OF LAVOY FINICUM CONTINUES TO SPREAD ACROSS THE LAND. The day after the assassination of America’s Constitution Defender , Sheriff Ward of Harney County Oregon was dancing and celebrating what he thought was the end of the Sagebrush Rebellion. Since those days, a number of memorials have been established on the site where Lavoy took his final breath of freedom and returned to his Maker. They have all been vandalized, torn down and desecrated. Indian Tribes have come forth to designate this as sacred ground, and as some may already know, the US Constitution was actually inspired by Native Americans. Patriots across the land are fully aware that this stand against tyranny, was a stand against an evil conspiracy that has been foisting its self against freedom loving people across the earth. And that fateful day that Lavoy was murdered and the following arrests of political prisoners, was a beginning of resistance against a system that represents all that Americans have fought against in her history. When Cliven Bundy was on his way to visit the refuge and see his sons, the powers that be had to stop the surge of patriotism and Constitutional fervor that was beginning to spread into such an event that the media could no longer ignore it. The Legend of Lavoy will continue to grow as Americans begin to pick up on the message he was willing to die for,,,,,a give me liberty or give me death.

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Judy Harris

Judy Harris I would bet our Founding Fathers have already given LaVoy a hearty, “Atta’ Boy LaVoy, you have honored our memory and you have cherished the Republic we gave you and every American.”

Constitutional Rights are only as good as the Government Officials and Judicial System allow them to be. When the Administration and Judicial Branch fail to follow the Constitution, it is supposed to be up to the House of Representatives to correct things through legislation AND IMPEACHMENT. Way more Judges have been impeached by the U.S. House than any other group of Govt. Officials.. Bottom line is when the House of Representatives fails to live up to it’s responsibility, the Country suffers… and will eventually die if the situation is not corrected. Sign the DECLARATION OF LIBERTY RESTORED (a First Amendment Petition for Redress). I know it will not ‘do’ a thing, EXCEPT serve notice that there are a WHOLE LOT of Patriots that want an return to Constitutional Government…

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Illegal War Violates the Constitution – LewRockwell

Violating the Constitution With an Illegal War

by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Ron Paul in the US House of Representatives, October 3, 2002

The last time Congress declared war was on December 11, 1941, against Germany in response to its formal declaration of war against the United States. This was accomplished with wording that took less than one-third of a page, without any nitpicking arguments over precise language, yet it was a clear declaration of who the enemy was and what had to be done. And in three-and-a-half years, this was accomplished. A similar resolve came from the declaration of war against Japan three days earlier. Likewise, a clear-cut victory was achieved against Japan.

Many Americans have been forced into war since that time on numerous occasions, with no congressional declaration of war and with essentially no victories. Today’s world political condition is as chaotic as ever. We’re still in Korea and we’re still fighting the Persian Gulf War that started in 1990.

The process by which we’ve entered wars over the past 57 years, and the inconclusive results of each war since that time, are obviously related to Congress’ abdication of its responsibility regarding war, given to it by Article I Section 8 of the Constitution.

Congress has either ignored its responsibility entirely over these years, or transferred the war power to the executive branch by a near majority vote of its Members, without consideration of it by the states as an amendment required by the Constitution.

Congress is about to circumvent the Constitution and avoid the tough decision of whether war should be declared by transferring this monumental decision-making power regarding war to the President. Once again, the process is being abused. Odds are, since a clear-cut decision and commitment by the people through their representatives are not being made, the results will be as murky as before. We will be required to follow the confusing dictates of the UN, since that is where the ultimate authority to invade Iraq is coming from — rather than from the American people and the U.S. Constitution.

Controversial language is being hotly debated in an effort to satisfy political constituencies and for Congress to avoid responsibility of whether to go to war. So far the proposed resolution never mentions war, only empowering the President to use force at his will to bring about peace. Rather strange language indeed!

A declaration of war limits the presidential powers, narrows the focus, and implies a precise end point to the conflict. A declaration of war makes Congress assume the responsibilities directed by the Constitution for this very important decision, rather than assume that if the major decision is left to the President and a poor result occurs, it will be his fault, not that of Congress. Hiding behind the transfer of the war power to the executive through the War Powers Resolution of 1973 will hardly suffice.

However, the modern way we go to war is even more complex and deceptive. We must also write language that satisfies the UN and all our allies. Congress gladly transfers the legislative prerogatives to declare war to the President, and the legislative and the executive branch both acquiesce in transferring our sovereign rights to the UN, an un-elected international government. No wonder the language of the resolution grows in length and incorporates justification for starting this war by citing UN Resolutions.

In order to get more of what we want from the United Nations, we rejoined UNESCO, which Ronald Reagan had bravely gotten us out of, and promised millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer support to run this international agency started by Sir Julian Huxley. In addition, we read of promises by our administration that once we control Iraqi oil, it will be available for allies like France and Russia, who have been reluctant to join our efforts.

What a difference from the days when a declaration of war was clean and precise and accomplished by a responsible Congress and an informed people!

A great irony of all this is that the United Nations Charter doesn’t permit declaring war, especially against a nation that has been in a state of peace for 12 years. The UN can only declare peace. Remember, it wasn’t a war in Korea; it was only a police action to bring about peace. But at least in Korea and Vietnam there was fighting going on, so it was a bit easier to stretch the language than it is today regarding Iraq. Since Iraq doesn’t even have an Air Force or a Navy, is incapable of waging a war, and remains defenseless against the overwhelming powers of the United States and the British, it’s difficult to claim that we’re going into Iraq to restore peace.

History will eventually show that if we launch this attack the real victims will be the innocent Iraqi civilians who despise Saddam Hussein and are terrified of the coming bombs that will destroy their cities.

The greatest beneficiaries of the attack may well be Osama bin Ladin and the al Qaeda. Some in the media have already suggested that the al Qaeda may be encouraging the whole event. Unintended consequences will occur — what will come from this attack is still entirely unknown.

It’s a well-known fact that the al Qaeda are not allies of Saddam Hussein and despise the secularization and partial westernization of Iraqi culture. They would welcome the chaos that’s about to come. This will give them a chance to influence post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. The attack, many believe, will confirm to the Arab world that indeed the Christian West has once again attacked the Muslim East, providing radical fundamentalists a tremendous boost for recruitment.

An up or down vote on declaring war against Iraq would not pass the Congress, and the President has no intention of asking for it. This is unfortunate, because if the process were carried out in a constitutional fashion, the American people and the U.S. Congress would vote “No” on assuming responsibility for this war.

Transferring authority to wage war, calling it permission to use force to fight for peace in order to satisfy the UN Charter, which replaces the Article I, Section 8 war power provision, is about as close to 1984 “newspeak” that we will ever get in the real world.

Not only is it sad that we have gone so far astray from our Constitution, but it’s also dangerous for world peace and threatens our liberties here at home.

Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Ron Paul Archives

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The Reasons for and Responsibility to Fight for Liberty | Restoring the American Republic

    • The Reasons for and Responsibility to Fight for Liberty | Restoring the American Republic

      In my opinion, the principle betrayal and giant loophole the Convention provided was the unrestricted right of contract. I believe there should be one exception to the rule:

      “Corporations shall not circumvent the limitations of the Constitution, nor have any power to limit the Natural Rights of the People by contract or any other legal device within the United States or any of them.” — Thomas Mick, “Suggestions to Strengthen Liberty, 2014, 2015.

Mike Bochenski I am a man of LaVoy’s age and have been heart felt by Challice and now her Husband by this great video. Both husband and wife’s words and actions have made me stronger and I will continue to teach the Constitution and the Common Law. Without the study of Common Law and its practice in the courthouses across the land the Common Law Document know as the Constitution has any real meaning. Pray for our Weekly Common Law Study to advance this knowledge in God’s wisdom.

Paul Inman Barbara Marie Inman Corey Bundy Bonnie Bundy Backus Sandra Loving Debra Cochran to all the patriots.. Please share and pray on your knees! GOD will reveal the truth! Stand united! Stand for freedom! FOR GOD!

Joy Ann Chessher to Governor Kate Brown

21 hrs ·

Dear Governor Kate Brown,
I am sick, and broken hearted. I just read a post of a Bundy wife that said her husband.. A political prisoner in Oregon has been abused, beaten when arrested by the FBI… and made to sit in urine soaked clothes, and defecation for 2 days.. With no offer of a shower, not allowed to go to the restroom, and only one slice of stale bread to eat for two days. After two days he was given a meal, but forced to sit on the floor in urine soaked, and defecated clothes!
I am outraged Governor Kate Brown that you allow this treatment of United States citizens in Oregon. Why have you allowed this treatment of this man, and the patriots? As Governor of Oregon you have the power to pardon the Patriots.. Their crime is standing up against tyranny, and protecting the Constitutional Rights of AMERICANS! I do not know one Governor in the whole UNITED STATES that allows this.. The inhumane treatment of those that are not guilty! I believe there is absolutely no way the Patriots will have a fair trial there in Oregon as you, and the officials including the Sheriff have not allowed them to be freed on bail so they can seek legal counsel. The law says they are innocent until proven guilty! Is it not the worst that Lavoy Finicum was murdered under your watch as you asked the FBI to intervene? The Patriots have been confined in jail without any crimes proven for standing strong for their Constitutional Rights. Many have been confined to solitary confinement Governor! How cruel! How inhumane this is! Not even an animal should ever be mistreated Governor.. And certainly not a human being. You are losing the trust of Oregon citizens, and AMERICAN citizens! I am pleading with you Governor to stop this.. To release them. This is going to terribly affect you, and I fear for you! AMERICANS are holding you responsible for this inhumane treatment as you are the Governor of the State of Oregon! Please do not go along with this! It is wrong, and it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
This could be you.. And would you want to be beaten.. Or left in urine and defecated clothes for 2 days with a piece of stale bread to eat.. No bathroom.. No shower.. Made to sit on the cold floor eating your meal in urine, and defecation on your clothes! I am appalled that this is happening in the United States! What have we come to? Has our country become so corrupt that we kill innocent men, beat them, starve, and force them to bow down to a ruling class that believes they are above the law? Has AMERICAN leaders become so lustful for money and greed that they have lost their way! This is not what leadership looks like! This is what tyranny and lawlessness looks like!
Please Governor I beg you to please stand against this.. To stand for AMERICAN citizens in your State, and those of other states! There is not one here that will escape the judgment of GOD! Freedom, liberty, and Justice is at stake! GOD bless you, and may GOD change your mind to stand for AMERICAN citizens, and release AMERICAN citizens unlawfully imprisoned with out bail!

By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy And The Lady
In Ryan Bundy’s words from Lavoy Finicums trucks backseat as Lavoy was assassinated,
“We got too lackadaisical, trying to speak to people, they ambushed us on the way to John Day, we are hunkered down”. What Ryan knows is that the Feds used trickery and ambushed them with deception. The use of manipulation, lies, deception, snitches and entrapment must end.
We have a huge clean up in this country to rid it of the lies, theft and tyranny threatened upon our lands! We find that those who let their guard down regret believing the agents who they talk too. Shaking hands with the devil can end up with you “hunkered down” with shots ringing out around you! Do NOT let the lies survive, seek the truth, investigate, do not worry about the vile comments made by those who attack you as the pictures in this link will answer what that means for you! They may be agents behind a screen paid to lie and be vile.
Are you aware that the use of lies is part of the daily operating procedure for agents and officers? It is now fact that Law Enforcement and Agents with badges can lie to you during their investigations. This is very upsetting to most who have not heard it, it is also now so pervasive that the lines between fiction and truth no longer are drawn. We have seen the smiles of Agents/Police/Sheriffs turn to stone cold stares and “rattling of the sabers”. The lies are used to entrap people and cause great harm. We have too many innocent people in jail because of the intimidation and lies used in the “normal course of business”. It is NOT normal and must end.
Confidential Informants part 1:…
“To recap, entrapment is a defense to criminal liability when the defendant was not predisposed to commit the charged crime before the intervention of the government’s agents and the government’s conduct induced him to commit it.
The two elements of the defense—lack of predisposition and government inducement—are conceptually related but formally and temporally distinct.
Wires Crossed
Across the federal government, undercover work has become common enough that undercover agents sometimes find themselves investigating a supposed criminal who turns out to be someone from a different agency, law enforcement officials said. In a few situations, agents have even drawn their weapons on each other before realizing that both worked for the federal government.
“There are all sorts of stories about undercover operations gone bad,” Jeff Silk, a longtime undercover agent and supervisor at the Drug Enforcement Administration, said in an interview. “People are always tripping and falling over each other’s cases.”
Mr. Silk, who retired this year, cited a case that he supervised in which the D.E.A. was wiretapping suspects in a drug ring in Atlanta, only to discover that undercover agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were trying to infiltrate the same ring. The F.B.I. and the New York Police Department were involved in the case as we
Look at this, remember the posts on Facebook a couple weeks ago regarding the “trespassing surveyor” in Burns Oregon area? The surveyor told many lies to people, the Feds are pretending not to know who he was and yet no one is looking into the trespass? Drones flew over, planes flew over and people told the man to leave and stay off their lands, but he took more pictures and used easement roads too.
Well folks, if the Feds lips are moving we know they are lying, so here we go again…
From a resident in Burns:
“That pickup that was driving around about three weeks ago said he was a contractor out of Colorado hired by the BLM. Just got a call back from the Vale district manager there is NO hired contractor’s working for the BLM doing any mapping or geographic surveying from Colorado. SO BEWARE! Not sure whats going on someone is not telling the truth”
From another resident in Burns:
“He was at Arock, with a survey marker kind of thing and he said he was from Boise doing flood plain work. There was a plane flying over taking pictures, seems fishy to me”
Entrapment includes Propaganda: The trigger words the Federal agencies and law enforcement now use against the American Patriot include:
Sovereign Citizen, anti-government extremist, armed militant, crazy/5150, right wing, “i feared for my life so i shot him”, justified homicide…the list goes on and shows the degree of deception in words.

The Federal Government created the term SOVEREIGN CITIZEN for their propaganda campaign against the people who stand up against tyranny.
The Federal Government created the term SOVEREIGN CITIZEN for their propaganda campaign against the people who stand up against tyranny. The STATE and ATTORNEYS will use the 11th Amendment Sovereign Immunity argument at every turn, yet where do you think it is derived from? The Sovereign (wo)man. So, propaganda is created to villainize the term Sovereign, but it is the 11th Amendment that will be invoked in attempts to shut the people down?
Domestic terrorism—Americans attacking Americans because of U.S.-based extremist ideologies—comes in many forms in our post 9/11 world.
To help educate the public, we’ve previously outlined two separate domestic terror threats—eco-terrorists/animal rights extremists and lone offenders.
Today, we look at a third threat—the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement. Sovereign citizens are anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or “sovereign” from the United States.…

The STATE and ATTORNEYS will use the 11th Amendment Sovereign Immunity argument at every turn, yet where do you think it is derived from? The Sovereign (wo)man
The Eleventh Amendment was the first Constitutional amendment adopted after the Bill of Rights. The amendment was adopted following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. 419 (1793). In Chisholm, the Court ruled that federal courts had the authority to hear cases in law and equity brought by private citizens against states and that states did not enjoy sovereign immunity from suits made by citizens of other states in federal court. Thus, the amendment clarified Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, which gives diversity jurisdiction to the judiciary to hear cases “between a state and citizens of another state.”
Sovereign Immunity
The amendment’s text does not mention suits brought against a state by its own citizens. However, in Hans v. Louisiana, 134 U.S. 1 (1890), the Supreme Court ruled that the amendment reflects a broader principle of sovereign immunity. As Justice Anthony Kennedy later stated in Alden v. Maine, 527 U.S. 706 (1999):
[S]overeign immunity derives not from the Eleventh Amendment but from the structure of the original Constitution itself….Nor can we conclude that the specific Article I powers delegated to Congress necessarily include, by virtue of the Necessary and Proper Clause or otherwise, the incidental authority to subject the States to private suits as a means of achieving objectives otherwise within the scope of the enumerated powers.[7]
However, Justice David Souter, writing for a four-Justice dissent in Alden, said the states surrendered their sovereign immunity when they ratified the Constitution. He read the amendment’s text as reflecting a narrow form of sovereign immunity that limited only the diversity jurisdiction of the federal courts. He concluded that the states are not insulated from suits by individuals by either the Eleventh Amendment in particular or the Constitution in general.[8]
Application to federal law
Although the Eleventh Amendment grants immunity to states from suit for money damages or equitable relief without their consent, in Ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908), the Supreme Court ruled that federal courts may enjoin state officials from violating federal law. In Fitzpatrick v. Bitzer, 427 U.S. 445 (1976), the Supreme Court ruled that Congress may abrogate state immunity from suit underSection 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment. In Central Virginia Community College v. Katz, 546 U.S. 356 (2006), the Court ruled the Congress could do the same regarding bankruptcy cases by way ofArticle I, Section 8, Clause 4 of the Constitution. In Lapides v. Board of Regents of Univ. System of Ga., 535 U.S. 613 (2002), the Supreme Court ruled that when a state invokes a federal court’sremoval jurisdiction, it waives the Eleventh Amendment in the removed case.
“The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.”
CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54950 et seq. 54950. In enacting this chapter, the Legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in this State exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business. It is the intent of the law that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly. The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.

Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.

It was Class who forced the North Carolina Courts to admit, on the public record, that the Administrative Agents posing as “Public Officials” are NOT. The ruling from the Judge was clear: They are “private entities, in fact, CORPORATIONS.” To make sure he understood what the Judge meant, Class asked for an Administrative Review. He placed evidence from the Governor’s website listing the various offices of “government” for North Carolina. The ruling by Judge Ridgeway, 11 CV 1559, in 2011, proved what Class had uncovered through his research: The “Agencies”, including the elected Governor, are NOT ‘Public officials responsible to the people. They are not organized under the Executive Branch.’ Class now had the proof he needed: The Administrative Agencies posing as government answered to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. An unscrupulous International Banking Cartel under the thumb of the Vatican had taken over every function of government in the United States and forgot to tell the people. (And at least 118 other countries worldwide.) The DC case has revealed the dirty little secret the Cartel has taken great pains to hide for 100 years. The War Powers Act of 1917 as amended was used by the Banking Cartel to set the people up for an extortion racket that makes the Mafia look like Sunday School teachers. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic News
If you want information from any Fed agent/department/bureau you had best make sure it is an affidavit with penalties of perjury for lies!!! Seriously, NOTHING that is said is trustworthy, get it in affidavit form and watch how fast they do NOT sign their lies!

With the knowledge that the Bait/Mask/Ruse is used many say it is best not to speak with any investigator as they will use these tactics.
We seek to share the information we find as a way to make people THINK, SHARE AND TAKE ACTION! We encourage all of you to arm yourself with knowledge and use your voice as that is the thing that the tyrannical usurpers fear most. The reason Lavoy Finicum is dead and so many are held in our country as Political Prisoners is they speak out about the truth of our country, they love America and stand as American Patriots. We yield only to the right of way and seek to share Natural Law with those who seek to end this tyrannical corporate reign we are now battling to remove from America. Stand with truth, with the government “by the people”.
TR/Thom & Rene’
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Rene Powers

Rene Powers Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.

It was Class who forced the North Carolina Courts to admit, on the public record, that the Administrative Agents posing as “Public Officials” are NOT. The ruling from the Judge was clear: They are “private entities, in fact, CORPORATIONS.”
To make sure he understood what the Judge meant, Class asked for an Administrative Review. He placed evidence from the Governor’s website listing the various offices of “government” for North Carolina.
The ruling by Judge Ridgeway, 11 CV 1559, in 2011, proved what Class had uncovered through his research: The “Agencies”, including the elected Governor, are NOT ‘Public officials responsible to the people. They are not organized under the Executive Branch.’
Class now had the proof he needed: The Administrative Agencies posing as government answered to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund. An unscrupulous International Banking Cartel under the thumb of the Vatican had taken over every function of government in the United States and forgot to tell the people. (And at least 118 other countries worldwide.)
The DC case has revealed the dirty little secret the Cartel has taken great pains to hide for 100 years. The War Powers Act of 1917 as amended was used by the Banking Cartel to set the people up for an extortion racket that makes the Mafia look like Sunday School teachers. NESARA- Restore America – Galactic TVOI News CLICK ON THE 35 SECOND VIDEO OF ROD:


Rene Powers

Carol Bundy was mentioned in a post.
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Fake Judges: How & Why Sovereign Citizens are Undermining Patriot Groups

[Download a PDF of this article]

“Stay away from the Freeman-on-the-Land and the sovereignty theories, they don’t work…and your ‘guru’ is not doing it himself…it’s all talk, it’s all theory, it’s all wishful thinking, and your ‘guru’ is going to get you in trouble…I’m sorry that you fell for it. I hope you haven’t put it to the test and found out for yourself. I hope you haven’t had to discover that it doesn’t work and end up in prison…I’m not quite sure who you think is succeeding with this stuff…I’m sorry that you think people are enforcing claims, trust indentures, UCC-1s, and liens. I’m sorry that you think that, but it’s not happening in reality.”

Ben Lowry


From top to bottom & left to right: Alfred Adask, Anna von Reitz, Bruce Doucette, Donald Barber, John David van Hove, Shawna Cox, J.M Sovereign Godsent, Mike School, Winston Shrout, Tim Turner, Robert Menard, Irene Gravenhorst, Veronica Chapman, John Harris, Mary Croft, & Arthur Cristian.


“Sovereign” citizens, briefly defined, are political dissidents whose misunderstanding of the government’s own laws entices them into believing that they can reign in Leviathan with nothing more that declaring themselves legally immune from governmental coercion. Their methods of using “fee schedules,” filing liens, and “Accepted for Value” have not been proven efficacious at all, thereby not satisfying Hitchens’ razor. Similarly, their rhetoric about the Title 4 flag, the Uniform Commercial Code, and the “corporate UNITED STATES” is simply nothing more than mere patriot mythology.

Despite this, the “sovereigns” have wormed back into the news cycle as well as the American patriot movement. Back on January 30th of 2015, the “Republic of the united States of America” (RuSA) hijacked the simulcast of William Wolf’s lecture about Committees of Safety by claiming to the other simulcasters that only their live feed was stable enough to support all the out-of-state listeners; this subsequently gave the false impression that Committees of Safety are a “sovereign” citizen thing. In the aftermath of what libertarians now call the Statist Turf War, American patriot Shawna Cox filed on February 17th of 2016 a Notice of Criminal Counter Suite Against Federal Employees, where she alleges that she is a “sovereign” citizen because she thinks that the federal government is a private corporation; interestingly enough, Cox was also the same individual who read the entirety of the “redress of grievance” during one of those press conferences at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

In 2015, the “sovereigns” appear to be declaring themselves to be fake judges. Anna von Reitz declared herself an “Alaska State Superior Court Judge” in her Declaration of Judgeship on April 28th; Bruce Doucette, on May 23rd, signed his Oath for Constitutional Superior Court Judge, and Gary Darby signed his “oath of office” on August 24th. Last time I checked, it was statutorily illegal to impersonate a government agent, pursuant to Title 18 United States Code § 912 & Texas Penal Code § 37.11.

As you may remember, Bruce Doucette was the very same individual who worked alongside Rodger Marsh in order to sucker those Coloradan off-grid homesteaders into becoming “sovereign” citizens. Doucette swore in his “judgeship” a mere five months before the “Meet the Judge” event in Costilla County; similarly, Darby swore in his “judgeship” a mere six months before he made the now infamous phone call to that provost marshal, which was rightfully mocked once it became apparent that Darby wanted to sic the military against the Federal Bureau of Investigation during their operations in Harney County, Oregon. Unfortunately, “judge” Darby gave an interview to none other than vlogger Professor Doom, who gave such an air of credibility to Darby that another vlogger, Montagraph, rightfully schooled the “professor” for his tolerance of Darby’s nonsense.

The fact of the matter is that the “sovereign” citizens have been attempting to twist the Committee of Safety model to their own ends. It didn’t stop with just RuSA hijacking Wolf’s lecture, for Chris Briels and Duane Schrock of the Harney County Committee of Safety signed off on a document that was dated January 31st, which asserted that the FBI worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and as such, the Harney County Committee of Safety required the assistance of the provost marshal immediately to stop them. On a follow-up document that is dated February 5th, Darby wrote:


“Major: This letter was originally expected to be signed off by the Harney County Safety Committee and the Common Law Grand Jury…unfortunately, this was not possible because the invaders of Harney County are looking for them. These Americans are now deeply concerned of a reprisal against them both collectively and individually just for being part of a Constitutional Grand Jury. It is a fact, and it has been ‘Confirmed’ that the members of the Common Law Grand Jury and the Safety Committee of Harney County have been split up and placed in protective hiding in multiple locations because they are afraid of the FBI and likely BlackWater merceraries [sp] who are currently searching for these people.”


I sincerely doubt Briels and Schrock, or any of their fellow committeemen, were ever in hiding from anybody, especially considering that such a “fact” has never independently verified, to my knowledge. Nevertheless, the guilt by association of the Harney County Committee of Safety with a “citizens’ grand jury” is what Darby made here, and this is critical for understanding Doucette’s role in undermining the SLV Just Us group.

Simply put, Bruce Doucette’s purpose for his “Meet the Judge” event was the establishment of a “citizens’ grand jury,” who appeared to have issued a writ of mandamus on January 8th of 2016 “indicting” eight Costilla County government agents for “feloniously embezzling public funds.” On January 12th, Doucette convened a similar “citizens’ grand jury” in Harney County, for presumably the same ends. Why would a “sovereign” citizen bother setting up such a franchise in the first place?

Infinite Source Broadcast Network and Bards Logic Political Talk conducted roundtable-styled “interviews” with Bruce Doucette earlier this year. On January 26th and January 27th, Doucette admitted that he wanted to convene “Seventh Amendment courts;” this is a rather odd project, because the Seventh Amendment only “guarantees” the right to a jury trial in civil cases. He also admitted that he has established “superior court grand juries” in Colorado, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii; additionally, he said that he personally “trains” new “superior court judges.” On February 13th, Doucette claimed that he has had 17 years of experience in “restoring” the common law courts, and that the “Continental uNited States of America” (CuSA) has 15 – 20 “judges” and 15 – 20 “common law juries” right now in operation.

Interestingly enough, the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) was mentioned during two of Doucette’s interviews. In one, he said that CuSA has nothing to do with them, and in another, he said that John Daresh and the NLA are controlled opposition. According to an NLA document that is dated February 22nd, it says:


“Government agent provocateurs have been fueling a quasi-shadow government movement that essentially advocates the overthrow of the government. People in this movement, led by de facto Judge Anna Von Reitz, de facto Bruce Doucette and de facto god-graced Administrator Joaquin Folch, who have taken on these self-appointed titles, are duping people from the liberty movements looking for a solution to the subversion within our government who, being ignorant of the law, fall pretty to the Pied Pipers. Many who are following these de facto judges, actually believe them to be properly elected or appointed.”


This initially appears to jive more in line with what some of the off-grid homesteaders experienced with Operation Patriot Rally Point, yet, the only thing I am certain of at this point is that the NLA and the CuSA are at odds with each other, for whatever reason. Contrary to the old adage, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

Fake judges appear to be the latest trend amongst these “sovereign” citizen demagogues, yet, when was the last time “sovereign” citizens went on a political fieldtrip? Have any one of them ever served on an actual government jury? Did they cancel their voter registration, or at the very least, reclaim their unclaimed property?

No, of course not, because that’s not the point, is it? Not only are “sovereign” citizens incompetent when it comes to legal opportunism (aka, “lawfare”), but they desire to proselytize falsehoods about “corporate governments” instead of the horrific truth that are the administrative agencies, which are the fourth branch of government. Instead of correcting economic illiteracy, as libertarians do, “sovereign” citizens seek to promote misinformation about the government’s laws.

What can be done, if anything, about these “sovereign” citizens? Unlike the federal government and their corporate “partners,” I know that false accusations of “paper terrorism” are unfair and unwarranted, especially in light of what terrorism legally means. Rather than entertaining reformism as an alternative to the “sovereigns,” I suggest the judicious use of vetting and ostracism in order to keep patriot groups as free as possible from the distracting influence of these useful idiots.

Like I’ve said before, skepticism is healthy. Blindly accepting the latest pabulum inspires the creation of satirical parodies just as a response to the utter lunacy swirling around us. Sadly, those who falsely imagine themselves to be “awake” prefer to think that “organizing” people necessarily involves counter-productive bickering, usually on Fascistbook. I’ll leave you with this observation made by Stefan Molyneux:

“It is our willingness to attack each other, it is our willingness to attack each other, it is our willingness to attach each other, that allows the hierarchy to continue; the State is not in Washington, the State is not in Moscow, the State is not in Tehran, the State is not in London; the State is in the defensive savagery of your fellow citizen who will emotionally abuse you, attack you, reject you, and ostracize you for pointing out the basic truths of our environment. To see the farm is to leave the farm; the farm is the willingness of your fellow slaves to attack you for pointing out the truth. You simply, if you want to be free (in my experience and opinion), you simply stop associating with people who will attack you for pointing out the basic moral, economic, and practical realities of our situation, of our life; the State survives, the State flourishes, the State exists ONLY because slaves praise it and attack fellow slaves for questioning its moral foundation.”

US Militia Declares Civil War!! New World Order Resistance 2016 FULL LENGTH

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I will fight back no matter what Jesus is my true king

merks 1redrum

down with the us government go get your guns!


They will kill all who stand in their way of enslavement. We must do all to stop them, no matter the cost.


Ambush ,Hide,Repeat ,

Andrew Guerrero

shoot first ask questions later.
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Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Updated 3/23/16: Main Page, Ryan Bundy, Jon Ritzheimer, Peter Santilli, Shawna Cox, and Cliven Bundy.

The Citizens for Constitutional Freedom was a group of American Patriots who conducted a sit-in at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. They were arrested as a result of the ambush when LeVoy Finicum was killed by the government police. The C4CF members have been charged with violating 18 USC § 372. Their cases are still being adjudicated.

LUA YouTube Playlist

Statements from LaVoy’s family:

160203 – LaVoy’s Autopsy Report
160309 – Tri-County Major Incident Team Redacted Report

Gary Hunt’s Articles:
Burns Chronicles No. 1: Introduction
Burns Chronicles No. 2: Ambush
Burns Chronicles No. 3: Operation Mutual Defense (OMD)
Burns Chronicles No. 4: Stand Up; Stand Down
Burns Chronicles No. 5: The Burns Community
Burns Chronicles No. 6: Is There a Peaceful Solution?
Burns Chronicles No. 7: What is Brandon Curtiss?
Burns Chronicles No. 8: Active Patriots v. Passive Patriots
Burns Chronicles No. 9: Civil Defiance or Submission?
Burns Chronicles No. 10: Is There a Peaceful Solution? – Redux
Burns Chronicles No. 11: What are the III%?
Burns Chronicles No. 12: Jon Ritzheimer and the Grand Jury
Burns Chronicles No. 13: Ambush – Part 2 – “We Feared for Somebody’s Life”
Burns Chronicles No. 14: Which Came First, the Rooster or the Egg?
Burns Chronicles No. 15: So, what is the Law?

Note: This page will be for the documents naming multiple individuals. As each of the pages are created, we will provide links (below) so that you can track the progression of each individual’s case. Bear with us as we make all of these documents available.

160126 – Criminal Complaint and Affidavit (U.S. v. C4CF)

160128 – Criminal Complaint and Affidavit (2nd Round of Arrests) (U.S. v. C4CF)

160127 – Motion to Unseal Criminal Complaint (U.S. v. C4CF)

160127 – Order to Unseal Criminal Complaint (U.S. v. C4CF)

160127 – Redacted Criminal Complaint (U.S. v. C4CF)

160129 – Government’s Memorandum in Support of Pretrial Detention (U.S. v. C4CF)

160129 – Memorandum in Support of Pretrial Detention (2nd Round of Arrests) (U.S. v. C4CF)

160201 – Motion for Review of Release Order (U.S. v. C4CF)

160202 – Amended Memorandum, Motion to Revoke Pretrial Detention Order (U.S. v. C4CF)

160203 – Sealed Grand Jury Indictment (U.S. v. C4CF)

160210 – Redacted Indictment (United States v. C4CF)

160212 – Record of Order (United States v. Bundy, et al) (C4CF)

160216 – Joint Defense Response to Scheduling Order (United States v. C4CF)

160219 – Joint Stipulations and Summary of Unresolved Issues (United States v. C4CF)

160219 – Joint Case Management Filling (United States v. C4CF)

160219 – Joint Consolidated Defense Motion and Assertions of Constitutional Rights (United States v. C4CF)

160219 – Notice of Appearance by AUSA (United States v. Ammon Bundy, et. al.)

160219 – Government’s Second Response to Defendants’ Motions for Site Access (United States v. Ammon Bundy et al)

160222 – Government’s Motion to Declare Case Complex (United States v. C4CF)

160223 – Government’s Status Report Regarding Evidence Processing and Crime Scene Access (United States v. C4CF)

160224 – Minutes of Proceeding (United States v. C4CF)

160224 – Minutes of Proceeding (2) (United States v. C4CF)

160224 – Minutes of Proceeding (3) (United States v. C4CF)

160225 – Case Management Order (United States v. C4CF)

160308 – Affadavit of Katherine Armstrong In Support of Motion for Protective Order (United States v. C4CF)

160309 – Motion to Unseal Superseding Indictment (United States v. Ammon Bundy et al)

160309 – Order to Unseal Redacted Superseding Indicment (United States v. Ammon Bundy et al)

160309 – Superseding Indictment (Under Seal) (United States v. C4CF)

160316 – Motion Prohibiting Transfer to Nevada (3 Parts in Doc 312) (United States v. C4CF)

160316 – Order Prohibiting US Marshals from Removing Defendants (United States v. C4CF)

160321 – Motion to Unseal Superseding Indictment (United States v. C4CF)

160321 – Order to Unseal Superseding Indictment (United States v. C4CF)

160321 – Government’s Response to Defendant’s Emergency Motion… Prohibiting Removal of Defendants (United States v. C4CF)

160322 – Order (United States v. C4CF)

160323 – Joint Status Report on Discovery Management (United States v. C4CF)

Individual Archives

Ammon Bundy
Jon Ritzheimer
Joseph O’Shaughnessy
Ryan Payne
Ryan Bundy
Brian Cavalier
Shawna Cox
Peter Santilli
Jason Patrick
Duane Leo Ehmer
Dylan Anderson
Sean Anderson
David Lee Fry
Jeff Wayne Banta
Sandra Lynn Pfeifer Anderson
Kenneth Medenbach

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