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    Cindy Wisner

    Bill Sharpe good morning to my fellow constitutional loving Americans, the United States is under attack by foreign governments and the Muslim brotherhood and ISIS, you can identify all of these members who work within our government by their support for gun control, and their attack on the Second Amendment and YOUR Rights, Liberties and Freedoms, every politician, let me make this clear EVERY politician who votes against your constitutional rights, is your ENEMY ! no exceptions, their intentions are purely evil, regardless what excuse, what false ideology or belief that they may claim, they are fully aware of what they are doing to you and this nation, there working for Islam, and the Muslim brotherhood to overthrow of this nation, as an American citizen, with roots going back to before any white man stood on this land, that these politicians have ill will against you and your families, with the sole intent of stealing and robbing everything that you and your families have worked for, for generations !. Any politician who supports any part of violating your constitutional rights and liberties, is not acting as an American citizen with your best intentions in mind, when these politicians can pass laws and regulations, in minutes or days, when other more important issues can not even get a VOTE ! what does that tell you, WAKE UP, these politicians, these people pretending to be Americans, are destroying this nation, the culture and the freedoms that the people before us fought and died for, don’t be afraid to tell your friends, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, don’t be afraid, stand up, speak up make your voice heard !!! Bill