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We need more Marshals, Judges, and Grand Jury members.









Brenda Bell Cofer
Brenda Bell Cofer Border agents too.

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Herbert Longstreet
Herbert Longstreet What are the qualifications required?

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Bill Sharpe
Bill Sharpe I’m going draw a picture for you, for almost 8 years the president and CEO of a Corporation promises to fix problems as soon as they can come up with a strategy, for almost 8 years the only accomplishment this CEO and his administration have accomplished, if lies and deceptions, and legal interference !
can you imagine working for a company or corporation and given problems to solve and for almost 8 years you accomplished almost nothing, but excuses, diversions,and deceptions, blaming everyone around you, for your incompetence,or deceptions.
The only CEOs at work in this matter are those that are creating a hostile takeover of a Corporation, they deliberately place people in positions to disrupt, undermined the credibility and integrity of a Corporation just to lower the value of it, so that another corporation or company can come and take over, only to break the company up into smaller pieces and sell it off.
have you ever heard of someone working for a company or corporation who was allowed to stay employed for that amount of time without any accomplishments ?
can you imagine a CEO of a company or corporation, letting 50 or 100 or hundred of its employees, or stockholders to be killed or murdered ! would you ever hire another person like this from the school that they graduated from, or would you hire one of their friends, would you hire one of their employees ?
no company or corporation could survive with employees like this for even one year,without producing some kind of success, this much failure can only be by design and engineered to fail !!! who in their right mind would even want to work for Corporation like this, and what CEOs or stockholders would allow employees to destroy their company or business like this !!!
Bill Sharpe.

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Can someone compile a list of all true criminals who are violating the Patriots? I need a list of all judges, prosecutors, guards, Federal Marshals, and all others, including Respondeat Superiors and their locations. Bonding companies and bond numbers are not necessary, as I can “Notice” and give directives for some bonding companies to post everything on their APB, which will Notice all bonding companies across the nation. I just need their names, titles, crimes, and locations

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Bruce Doucette


This is a legitimate Call to Action and needs to immediately get into the hands of those incarcerated in Oregon or in other States related to matters of the Hammond Family Conflict, Bunkerville conflict, and Malhuer Refuge protest.

There is plenty of rhetoric about the problems and Challenges we’re facing in regards to unlawful administration of the law by certain officials.

We have all been diligently researching; uncovering, exposing and communicating the egregious behavior and unconscionable actions against those who dared to make a stand against an oppressive segment of our Land Management authorities and the Federal Judicial system which they are using to stifle any form of resistance.

This announcement is directed specifically at the Ranchers and their supporters who are currently incarcerated wrongfully and unlawfully for crimes not committed.
While reporting on various issues and conflicts surrounding the Hammond matter, the Malhuer Refuge Protest and the Bunkerville incident of 2014, I became intent on not only bringing awareness to these matters but also seeking actual resolution and remedy.

After spending several months understanding the issues and grievances, the last three Months have been primarily dedicated to the matter of remedy and how to best help those unlawfully incarcerated.

After many interviews, conferences, countless hours of sifting through former cases in Nebraska, Florida Colorado, Texas and other States and discounting numerous claims of what MIGHT be effective, I have become familiar with a group of legal strategists, some of whom are former Bar attorneys and some who are simply legal scholars with an emphasis on Constitutional law and how it integrates and applies to our current circumstances in Oregon.

I have studied this process and these individuals, vetted the participants, heard testimony from those who have been released previously, played devils advocate, drilled them with questions, read considerable material, and listened to hours upon hours of audio files.

My personal objective here was to locate, test, screen and validate an effective process by which to actually TAKE ACTION against those who are violating law and unlawfully casting the shadow of criminality on those innocent of wrongdoing.

I observed an astonishing assault against Citizens merely trying to come to the aid of a good and decent Family who were guilty of no crime, rather just trying to protect what is rightfully theirs. The Hammond Family was brutalized over the course of many years, initially by those wishing to run them off their land for personal gain, then those who simply wanted to prove a point and send a message to anyone who dared to challenge their authority.

Those who came to their aid were assassinated, imprisoned, abused, denied bail and held like animals in solitary confinement 23 hours a day in violation of laws against cruel and unusual punishment for crimes equivalent to civil disobedience.

I watched in dismay as other protestors across the nation destroyed Police property, destroyed public and private property, assaulted police, rioted in the streets and were tolerated with no arrest or civil citation yet a peaceful protest in a remote area of Oregon where the members of the protest actually made great improvements to a public facility which had been grossly neglected by the managing authority of our peoples property.

I was horrified to watch one member murdered in cold blood after being trapped in an ambush via a Deadmans Roadblock leaving no potential outcome but harm or death.

After careful research, months of vetting, intensive observation and an ongoing appeal for justice, a group of Men and Women of particular esteem and legal prowess has assembled for the particular cause of helping our weary Patriots in Oregon and California. A relative dream team if you will, they are Godly people who have expressed a willingness to dispatch a team to Oregon from several other States while maintaining a remote support team as well.
They have also insured that this would be a Pro Bono effort at no cost to the Patriots or their families. It is important to note that this is an innovative process which follows very specific LEGAL procedures brought forth by members not associated with the Oregon Bar. In other words, NO ATTORNEYS.

As previously mentioned, certain members are former attorneys who relinquished considerable esteemed credentials to be able to help in ways attorneys are not capable of. Additionally, they wish to be able to help for the simple pursuit of justice with no attachment to or trappings of monetary incentive.
There is a viable, lawful process of natural Law which draws its structure from the US Constitution, US Supreme court case law and Natural goodwill.
For those who are legal Family members of incarcerated individuals who wish to be considered for pro bono assistance or those stated as authorized to communicate on behalf of the inmates, please contact Mr. Bruce Doucette at 720 338 0394.

He is standing by for incoming calls but is operating from one phone line so if you miss him, call back or leave a message.
He will be processing all requests and will be able to answer specific questions from those incarcerated and those affiliated with those individuals.

This is a valid and genuine effort to help free the Patriots and a gracious sacrifice by those willing to donate their own time and expense to helping provide justice to those who have been violated.

It is not a magic pill nor a flippant effort to bring attention to themselves. These are highly skilled, well educated, gracious individuals who, like myself have simply seen enough and wish to begin the process of defending our position and heritage.
General questions can be directed to the facebook or email account listed below but specific, subject related questions from incarcerated patriots should go to Bruce via phone call.

It is a blessing to have their support and dedication.

I speak in full support of their efforts.

Bradford S. Steffey
Oregon Wide Open
Facebook – OwO

Please forward this announcement to the family members and affiliates of those incarcerated or facing potential incarceration

The Cowboy and the Lady's photo.

The Cowboy and the Lady

4 hrs ·

SACRED GATHERING! ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING THE MEMORIAL SERVICE ON FATHERS DAY FOR LAVOY! this is planned as a peaceful and calm event, there will not be a parade or circus created. The intent is to bring a blanket, your picnic basket and join Jeanette Finicum and her family in blessing the site that Lavoy took his last breathe. Please, this is not for folly or to use as a platform for drama, the intent is a peaceful time of prayer and to offer healing to the County of Harney members who have worked so diligently for this site. It is asked that those who come realize that the Finicum’s do not want this site a place for warring with the locals or arguing over items left in his honor. This memorial service is to calmly show respect to their loved one, THEIR father, HER husband and a hero to all who loved him. Be honorable, calm and peaceful and bring your family, your blankets to sit upon and your picnic baskets. Come share food and smiles and most of all share prayers for healing and freedom. Lavoy was about saving America’s lands and families, let’s make this Fathers day a time of honoring all Fathers and Patriots across America. This is a call for all to Stand Down with your differences and stand by a family who just wants to simply honor their father and husband. This is not a day for weapons and anger, it is a day for the family.

here is the link to the memorial celebration:

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