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(19) Cindy Wisner

Now that Trump will be our commander and chief. Many brave people are stepping up their exposure. Now we have to support and defend his positions…To me the thirteen most important issues that must begin January 21st 2017, Are: FIRST n FOREMOST, free political prisoners, Repealing Replacing Obama Care and making it cheap and affordable by a lot. Building the Wall on the border then north to Washington state on the eastern border of out of control California…Protecting Ranches and farms and Vineyards. Protecting Mines of Gold and silver and our water supply. Defending and supporting our Great Police from murder and attack. Arresting all that block Traffic and are violent protester’s, looters. As well as all that desecrate the American Flag no matter where they are including college campuses. Gifting made in USA manufacturers and any one or company that sells made in USA Fabric, apparel and steel or any appliance or cell phone or anything made in USA. Moneys got from the law suits against the media and people that attempted to stop America from being Great Again. As well as all those that destroyed the Confederate History and its artifacts and disrespect for the Confederate Flag. Remove all teachings of Islam in our schools and liberal Muslim and Communist lover Professors…Terminate with extreme prejudice. Rebuild our Military, More battleships, Aircraft carriers, Submarine’s , Tanks, APCs, fighter Jets etc…Re fund NASA and the Land warrior systems….Energy independence, End the fed reserve and IRS and have States levy taxes for infrastructure and roads and bridges tunnels trains etc. Deport all violent illegals and violent Muslims and Pedophiles. Close the UN down in NYC and rent out the suites for income. The UN has been not paying rent since its conception….Arrest all the rats that wanted America to be part of the NWO…corrected…


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